There is a place on the small island of Burguam that is rumored to be the place of many things unnamed, unexplored, and unexplained. It is up to a team of scientists and adventurers to find out who or what's is on the island, and make it out alive.


1. Christopher R. Lorne

I was walking in the forest on the small island of Burguam in the Indian Ocean. The forest was changing into a mixed pallet of reds, oranges, and greens because of the upcoming fall. A crisp, brisk wind blew through my short black hair, making me shiver. The sun shone through the leaves on the trees and its rays hit the dead, brown leaves scattered along the wet and muddy forest floor. My boots sloshed and sunk into the mud as I walked down the path our team’s scouts had made earlier. The forest was so peaceful and tranquil that I could sit down and soak up every piece of happiness on this island. However, we were not here to sight-see, we were here to see the Cave.

            Yes the Cave, (better known as Grangulan Cave) the centerpiece of the island’s mysterious past was soon to be explored and documented for the first time in human history.  Done completely by yours truly, me. Well, me and a few others, but that doesn’t really matter.

            The native people of the island warned us against visiting the area of the Cave. As they sit there kneeling in worship to the “Sun God” or whatever, we could be finding new medicines, specimens, or even a new element! We could also find an answer to the magnetic anomalies in the area.

            I was eager to get to the Cave, but my feet and legs were getting really sore. My muscles were stretched to the max, and my thighs were getting stiff.

            “Should we set up camp here?” I asked, wanting to rest my tired legs.

            “No,” Clara said, “not yet. We’ll set up camp when we get to the Cave. It’s only a bit longer.”

            Clara was the lead mapmakers on the team, always pausing to mark her progress and draw up maps.

            I slowly groaned on, just barely keeping up. What was described as a mere five minutes by Michael, our lead geologist, felt like hours. I was trudging slowly until we FINALLY made it to a clearing on the woods.

            I sighed in relief, because in the middle of the clearing was the Cave. It honestly didn’t look like the way I dreamed of it; it was really just a big hole in the ground. It was really kind of disappointing if you ask me. It was still really cool, being undocumented in human history and all, but it just a big pit.

            We set up our tents for the night, but it still looked pretty early. I tried to fall asleep, but even though I had my own tent, I could hear Michael’s extremely loud snores. I fell asleep.

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