Society's Rebels

Boots, trainers, high heels, trousers, skirts, hoodies or smart clothing, you name it, they wear it. Society's Rebels will not be tamed. They will not stop. Whatever adults do to try to stop them, they'll hit back the only way they know how. Rebellion.


1. Prologue.

        It started off small. The it grew, grew larger and larger, so large in fact, that the adults didn't like it. They weren't ever comfortable with it, no; the idea that the youth around them, the ones that they raised to be like them were turning out-wrong. Never in a million years would the adults have done that, rebel against their elders; sure, they thought about it, but carrying it out never seemed right.

        The fact that the youth were publicly attacking the lands ways and didn't care of the consequences made the adults feel small. The fact that the youth was doing something about the way they were treated was their way of showing that they could act responsible-in their own way. By being Society's Rebels.

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