Helping Them

my name is Clarissa my mom calls me claire my mom asked me to go to the store because i was siting around doing nothing when i was walking i was pulled into a allyway by these to big strong guy they were going if it was not for louis he said i was to deep in shit and told me i had to do him a favor find and read the story and like and favorite it and comment if you want to be a co writer


5. niall who?

clarissa's prov............ 

we went into these apartments  

guy- you can run but you can't run and hind forever 

me-louis where are we going i can not run that long 

louis - shut the fuck up and run 

we ran up two flights of stairs and the guy was on his first flight 

we ran to a apartment door that said 1D  

louis- niall open the fucking door hurry up 

niall- coming fucking damn it 

he let us in and louis told us to be quiet 

we heard foot steps go by and we started to talk 

niall- you always run to me for help and what did you do to this girl her face if all bloody and swollen and she in limping and holding her belly 

louis - shit are you okay 

me - yea i am just peachy i have a broken nose a broken rib a busted lip could not be better i mumbled 

louis- niall get beer ice and a first aid kit 


he came back with the first aid kit and i washed my face and kept whimpering  i put a bandage on my nose and wrapped some around my rib cage 

niall- are you okay  

me -thank you can i have water 

niall- yea  

me- thanks 

niall- no problem babe 

i rolled my eyes 

louis went in the kitchen  

louis- anthony is back he did that to her to show us a sign 

niall- why her though you don't know her  

louis- i don't but somebody in are old gang did 

niall- what are we going to do 

louis - we have to get the gang back together 

niall- good luck with that liam will never agree after what you did 

i was by the door and it opened i ran to the window when they walked out  

ring ring ring 

it read brother  and i answered it 

me- what do you want fucktard 

i know i said i did not have a brother but i do his name is liam i lied because he hurt me and my mom so we do not count him as family 

louis and niall gave each other a weird look 

liam - where are you mom keeps calling and you know you both want me dead so where are you get the fuck home and leave me alone 

me- shut the fuck up and don't call again i hate you go die in a fucking hole you fucking asshole  

liam- if i see you out on the street you better be careful 

me- we all know you are in wolverhampton bitch so shut up  

i hung up and threw my phone at the wall 

louis - who was that 

me-none of your concern 

niall- you should not throw your iphone 5s you are lucky you have one the rest of us don't 

me - i can get another one in a second 

louis- so your rich 

me- no i am a model and work at starbucks and my mom is a co owner of a supermarket 

niall-damn babe 

me- yea so who is liam and who is in your gang 


he rose his hand and tried to slap me but i caught and twisted his arm  

me-don't ever do that again 

niall- i think we should get you home  

louis-yea we should  

and louis gave me a glare and i gave one back 

in the car............... 

louis - where did you learn to fight 

me- i take kick boxing, boxing ,and karate and i work out daily and might get in alot of fights at school 

niall- we could use her in the gang 

louis- yea we have to try her out tomorrow when we get zayn 

me- i am not going any where  with you guys 

louis- stop being so damn stubborn 

i told him where to go and we got to my house  

louis - be ready by 6 we are picking you up then we have a busy day 

before i could say anything they sped off down the road 


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