Helping Them

my name is Clarissa my mom calls me claire my mom asked me to go to the store because i was siting around doing nothing when i was walking i was pulled into a allyway by these to big strong guy they were going if it was not for louis he said i was to deep in shit and told me i had to do him a favor find and read the story and like and favorite it and comment if you want to be a co writer


7. liam and brother

perrie's prov ........... 

i don't hate her it's that she is intimidating  

clarissa's prov........ 

i woke up at 5 and got ready i took a shower last night  

i got dressed and put on leather tights and a cream sweater with a sparkly cross and some rings and a necklace and a beanie over my wavy black hair i put on some coconut spray i put on a combat boot

i put concealer ,blush ,eyeliner,waterproof  mascara ,brown and gold eye shadow,and 4 coats of clear lip gloss , and lip gloss lock

after i was done i got my phone and texted my miss you hope to see you soon xoxo-clarissa 

it was 6 and zayn was at the door  

i got my crutches and redid my bandages 

zayn- hurry up  

me- shut up and go to the car i mumbled 

zayn- your accent it to heavy speak louder  

me- go to the car i have to lock up 

zayn -no i will wait  

me- fine i just have to lock the front door 

i lock the front door  

zayn- come on 

i get in the back seat 

me -hi niall 

niall- hey babe 

louis - no hi to me sweet cheeks   

me- no you woke me up to early and is dragging me back to my past 

i slapped a hand over my mouth 

louis- what do you mean your past you lived here do you know anybody  

me- i have no idea what you are talking about 

i put my headphones in and put them at full blast so i won't have to hear them questioning me  


harry woke me up by kissing my neck and lips the others did not know because they were outside already 

me - harry stop and i pushed his head 

harry- why i was having fun 

me- i will call the cops for harassment  

harry- and i will tell them you killed two people 

me - whatever 

we got outside 

i got my crunches and wait by the car like they said   

they knocked on the door and somebody answered but i could not see 

there was shouting and fighting  

louis ran by my side  

louis - hi  

me- hi having fun 

louis- shit liam is coming 

i saw the person and it was my brother 

me -liam i shouted 

louis- shut up you will make it worse 

liam - why the hell is my little sister here and what happened to her 

p,z,n,l - what 

me- when i said i was coming back to my past i said that because this is were it all started 


me- anthony's men beat me up i have a broken nose ankel and a sprained rib 

louis- so you are clarissa maria payne 

liam- yes indeed she is where is mom 

me - why do you need to know where she is to torture us more or kill my other parent 

liam- it was on accident 

me - shooting him on accident then you running out and i had to go to jail for 2 years because mom told me i had to take the blame 

perrie - so you went to jail 9 times killed 3 people and almost killed 4 more plus people say you did drugs but you said you did more  

perrie smirked  

me - shut the hell up before i have to add you to the list of people i killed  




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