Helping Them

my name is Clarissa my mom calls me claire my mom asked me to go to the store because i was siting around doing nothing when i was walking i was pulled into a allyway by these to big strong guy they were going if it was not for louis he said i was to deep in shit and told me i had to do him a favor find and read the story and like and favorite it and comment if you want to be a co writer


1. introduction

Hi my name is Clarissa jenner this is me : 

I am a only child i am 19 i have a big personality  

personality: bubbly, sassy ,stubborn ,loud, shy at first ,outgoing,  

dislikes : sluts, bitches,people controlling her,  

likes: modeling,boxing,kick boxing, karate,basketball,softball,track,sports in general,punching people who mess with her 

job:small modeling job and starbucks 

lives:in bradford  

accent: bradford , doncaster,wolverhampton,cheshire, mullingar,my accent is mixed with all of those so it's really heavy and hard to understand 

eyes: green,grey,hazel,gold,blue 

hair:in the picture it's brown but i died it black  

i also have zero friends because we live in a bad area and i like to keep to myself so people at school me mysterious and don't talk to me and girls are afraid of me because i beat up the popular girl  

well thats me   


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