Helping Them

my name is Clarissa my mom calls me claire my mom asked me to go to the store because i was siting around doing nothing when i was walking i was pulled into a allyway by these to big strong guy they were going if it was not for louis he said i was to deep in shit and told me i had to do him a favor find and read the story and like and favorite it and comment if you want to be a co writer


2. go to the store please

Clarissa's prov..... 

I was sitting down stairs watching tv and my mom was cooking 

mom- can you go to the store for me and get some stuff sweetie and be careful it's dangerous here and here is fifty bucks get something you like 

i groaned 

me- fine but if i'm not back in a hour i'm dead or just call me  

mom- stop being so dramatic and just go or you well not do your next photo shoot  

me- mom i don't want to go 

mom- your accent is really hard to understand go to the store 


i put on my coat and my boats and got my my iphone 5s and left 

i put my hood up and kept my head facing the ground i did not want any trouble by anyone 

at the store.......... 

so we need  


and  sweets  

and crisp 

i got all the things i needed and went up to pay 

cashier- that would be 20 dollars  

when he looked up he would only look in my eyes 

me- is there something wrong 

cashier- i'm sorry it's just your eyes are so pretty and i can not understand you your accent is to heavy and rough  

i payed and walked out hey i never said i was nice 

i was almost home when i got pulled into a ally way 

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