Helping Them

my name is Clarissa my mom calls me claire my mom asked me to go to the store because i was siting around doing nothing when i was walking i was pulled into a allyway by these to big strong guy they were going if it was not for louis he said i was to deep in shit and told me i had to do him a favor find and read the story and like and favorite it and comment if you want to be a co writer


6. getting zayn and harry

clarissa prov............ 

i was sleeping when i heard a banging at the door i did not get it because it was 6 and i was tired and my mom will not be home for a week because she is visiting my sick grandma  

25 min later............. 

there still is banging at my door i get up and put my robe on 

bang bang bang 

me -hold your fucking horses 

i got to the door and opened it niall was there  

he walked straight passed me and into my house 

me- come in  

niall- thank you 

he went up stairs and went up stairs and went to the bathroom 

louis - hurry the fuck up 

i flipped him off and slapped the door 

i went up stairs  

me - niall get out of the bathroom i need to take a quick shower and put on new bandages 

my mom freaked out and took me to the hospital they said i have a broken nose and ankel and a sprained rib 

so i had crutches  

niall- came i join you babe  

me- no i have to take a careful shower i have a broken ankel and nose and a sprained rib 

niall- i will be downstairs  


i got in the shower and washed my hair and body 

when i got out i got dressed in black skin tight skinny jeans and grey off the shoulder top with a white undershirt and a leather jacket i put on black lace tom 

i put my bandage on my broken nose and more bandages on my sprained rib and my cast back on i got my crutches and went down stairs  

niall- you need help  

me -no i got it i will be on them for at least a year the doctor said  

niall opened the door for me and we went outside  

he opened the car door and i got in  

louis- what happened to your ankel 

me-it is broken and so is my nose and i have a sprained rib 

louis- well we better get to the gym 

at the gym.......... 

louis-stay by side or niall's side  


we went down the hall and in a couple of doors until we got to a room with this guy and a girl  

the girl saw us and the guy 

louis-hello zayn and perrie  

perrie- hey louis and niall  

zayn-hey who's the girl and what happened to her 

me- i'm clarissa i have a broken ankel and sprained rib because of fighting no big deal worst has happened 

perrie-you talk as if from experience

me- got in alot of fights in my life went to the hospital and jail and almost killed someone 

louis and niall- you never told us that  

zayn -you look like someone i know  

me -i don't know you 

perrie- now that you say that she does

niall- yea she does  

louis - we know somebody that is related to her and she will not tell us anything about her past  

perrie- i know you i see you around school you beat up bethany that slut and nobody wants to be your friend because you keep to yourself and they are afraid of you because you almost killed 4 people and your mysterious and went to jail 8 times

zayn,louis,niall- what you said you only almost killed one person and went to jail one time  

perrie- she almost killed 4 but killed one 

me- shut up you bitch 

louis-shut up the both of you we will talk about this when we get to wolverhampton tomorrow we have something more important anthony is back 

zayn- no he can't we scared him and almost killed him 

perrie - so you want the gang  back together  

niall- it's the only way  

perrie -i say we do it and get it over with because then we can start a new life as one big family all of us except one and perrie looked at me  

me - you dumb fucking bitch shut your mouth before you have no way to talk  

zayn - leave her the fuck alone  

me - what ever 

zayn- and i say yes we get i back together 

louis  - we need to get harry and liam  

i shuddered at the name of liam louis looked at me weird and so did the rest of them i looked at the ground  

niall- lets go

at harry's................

louis - you stay out here clarissa  

me - what ever 

they went inside and i heard a scream so i followed it and saw the same to man that beat me up i guessing are now beating harry up with these two poles  

i crept up behind them and hit them both really heard with my crutches and punched them 

harry-who are you

me- clarissa 

harry- hi i guess  

me -let me help you up tell me which house is yours 

harry- the white crappy one 

i took him in the house and niall saw us he called the rest

niall- what happened

harry- she saved me from anthony's men and killed them  

louis- so you killed three people know  

me - yes i guess so

perrie- how can you sound like you don't care i killed 1 person and cried for a year 

me- you do not know my past and how many people i killed i killed more than 3 people and went to jail more but i don't care never will 

perrie looked frightened and i smiled and cleaned up harry 

harry-thank you if it was not for you i would be dead

me- your welcome  

harry- so what are you guys doing here  

perrie - anthonys back we need the gang back together you in  

harry- not unless this hurt babe is with us every step of the way  

me - never no

louis - you have to please  

me- no now take me home

louis- fine everybody in the car  

my ankel started hurting because perrie was stepping on it on purpose 

me- if you do not get your foot off of my broken ankel i will kill you  

perrie - i like to see you try  

we were at my house i got out of the car but not before punching perrie in the gut  

zayn - you little bitch  

me -glad to be  

perrie - you mean nothing to us

me - good you are not my family go die in a hole  




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