Bullied by your best friend


1. Bullied by your best friend

Hi I'm Kylie Hunt and some of you may know me and some of you may not. Well I have a best friend her name is Autumn Allen. Well I tried my hardest to write a story and she told me it sucked. Harsh right? Well I told her I don't think we should be friends anymore and she asked me what I was talking about. So I told her she really hurt my feelings and that she was being a butt.

So we got into a huge aruguement and the whole time we were fighting the only thing I could think of was were we being true friends to each other or were we just tearing each other. down I was a little ashamed of how we were acting it was kind of embarrassing. I mean would you want to be fighting with your best friend I wouldn't even though I did.

So if you see someone getting bullied stand up don't be a bystander and watch it happen speak up. So I there is a problem at your school speak up tell people about it tell them your story or tell them someone else's story. It would be incredible if someone would speak up and make a difference in the world. Because there is always room for change.

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