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1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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9. Chapter 9.


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     "I'll see you in class later," Harry winks and gives me a kiss in my cheek. I smile and he walks away. Last night was amazing we stood up late, talking about how he was little and how his dad was a drunk and left him, his mum, and Gemma. I felt really sorry for him, I told him all of my problems, my parents, how I almost committed suicide but I thought about Jen and I couldn't leave her here is this night mare living dream.


I tighten my books and was pushed against a locker hitting my head way to hard.


"You better back off, I don't care if Harry is my ex but I want you to stay away from him!" Kassandra, schools bitch, I really should close my mouth..


"To bad Kassandra, we're together anyways." I say walking away, my head pounding a million times a second, me feeling way to dizzy, my breathing shortens. I fall on the floor and blank out.



     I open my eyes, adjusting my sight of the bright light, someone's face way to close to me. I sit up my head still pounding horribly.


"What-- what happened?" I ask, the unfamiliar face.


"You fainted." He says, a sweet caring voice.


"Oh god... the hit I need a pill to get this relief this headache..." I sit up the paper material crumbles when I move, I'm in the nurse.


"Mrs. Betsy? Do you have any pills that reliefs headaches?" he asks.


"Top drawer, blue container. Two." she instructs while she types away in her keyboard.


He gets the pills and a plastic cup of tap water... ew.


"Here." He passes the pills and water.


"Th-thanks," I say with a smile. I take them and swallow them down.


"I'm Vince by the way," he smiles.


"Sienna," I smile back at him.


"Was I knocked out a long time?"


"About thirty minutes, I believe.." Vince says, his blue eyes concentrating on brown.


"God.." I say.


"I think we should go to our classes now... that's if your feeling better." he says.


"Yea, we should."



     I quickly catch up to Vince and thank him for helping me out.


I walk in my class and all eyes are on me, I walk to my teacher and give him my tarty slip to inform him where I was. He looks at it and gestures me to sit down.


"She's Harry's new girl now, that's what I heard." someone whispers to someone. I ignore them and walk to my set.


"So your Harry's new girl, huh?" Boy do news travel fast.


"Yes." I reply, paying attention to the teacher.



     Lunch finally rolled quickly and I find Harry in his usual table with his friends, " Babe!" he says, grabbing my forearm and pulling me into his lap, giving me a kiss in the lips. Wow, I'm really not that well with pubic affection, display whatever it's called.


"Come lets go to the bleachers," he says both hand n' hand walking through many tables eyes on us, whispering against themselves probably about us. Obviously.


We walk silently to the bleachers sitting where shade hits some spots in the right section.


"I heard what happened, are you okay?" he asks, looking a bit worried.


"Yea... I kinda fainted and someone took me to the nurse," I reply.




"I forgot what his name was-- oh yea Vince?" I say more in a question.


"Vince? Fucking bastard." I laugh.


"Why bastard? He's really nice." I say lowly.


"No he's not he's a guy I wouldn't call 'nice' he's a guy who would have you for a night and leave you the next." he says. What? But. He surely doesn't look like it.


"Oh well... I'm glad I'm taken." I smirk at him, playing with his lips.


"Fuck, Sienna. I'm so desperate for you," he cooes in my ear, tingles fill my body, and I shiver. Hearing a chuckle from him, he lays me horizontally on the long bench and climbs ontop of me supporting his weight with his arms, slowly he kisses me.


"Styles!" we both hear and turn our heads around, he gets off of me and we both sit up.


"Fuck you Vince."


"No body wants to see you to fucking," Vince says. We both get up and walk down to him.


"Fuck off," Harry says I chuckle.


"And we meet again, Sienna right?"


"Right," I smile hugging Harry by the side. And he rests his hand on my hip giving me a squeeze, I bite the isndie of my cheek to squeak.


"I thought we were going to play football (soccer) today?"


"Nah, man I'm going hang with my girl for now," he says I smile.


"Your girl, eh?"


"Yup all mine."


"Man I was going to have fun with her-"


"Your sick man. Fuck off.''




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