Mine || h.s fanfic ||


1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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8. Chapter 8.


  We are next in line for ordering food in Mc Donalds, we both order the same thing and I buy a happy meal for Jenna so she can eat once she gets out of school, but what if mom is looking for us? And she took Jenna out early... my heart starts to bound faster, a heat wave goes through my body. I run my tongue over my lips.


"Harry, we need to take Jen out early, I have a bad feeling about this.." I say.


"Harry?" the guy says passing our food inside Mc Donalds bags.


"Let's go then."




I feed Harry a french frie while he parks his car. We both quickly get out and quickly enter the school doors. The lady in the front desk, is busy typing stuff in her computer.


"Yes may I help you?"


"I'm here to take my.. sister out she has a.. dentist appointment." I say getting nervous, Harry walks closer to me and holds my hand.


"And where is your mother?'' she questions.


"My mother is out at work, she can't get out but she told me to get her out,'' she types some stuff in her computer.


"What's your sisters name?''




She walks out and I stand from where I was sitting, she hugs me.


"Why did you pick me up early?"


"I was worried Jen," I say when we walk out of the building.


"Come here." Harry says to Jenna picking her up and holding her in his arms.


"How was school?" He asks her.


"Okay." she says, Harry buckles her seat belt.


"I got you something." Harry says to her. And shows her the box of the happy meal.


"Happy meal!!" she claps her hand and Harry passes it to her.


While she opens the box i tell her not to make a mess because this isn't our car and Harry really doesn't mind.



On our way back to the motel, the guy from earlier is out side smoking, when we park he drops his cigarette to the floor and steps on it, he gets on his motorcycle and rides off.


I get off of the car and Jen sure made a mess and she is sleep, in her hands the bag of apples on the side of her an empty bottle of chocolate milk. Harry gets her in the arms and leaves her backpack inside and I clean the mess she made in his car.


Harry passes the key and I open the door and he lays her in the bed.


"what a day... i guess. We only have a month left of school. Are you ready to graduate?"


"Yea I guess," he says with a shrug.


"What college are you going to?"


"Im not going to college. I don't want to leave you here, in this situation, and you have your sister..." he says, my heart skips a beat, he really does care for me.


"I'll be fine," I say low tone, with a weak smile, I don't want him to leave, I love him.


"Still, your my girlfriend and I hate to see you doing this alone." I nod and look back up to him.


"Girlfriend?" I say shocked.


"Yes your my girlfriend." he smiles.


"You never asked me to be." I say, he sits closer to me.


"Would you be my girlfriend?" he asks, I nod and give him a kiss.

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