Mine || h.s fanfic ||


1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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6. Chapter 6

 "Wow, it's biiig!" Jen says, and Harry laughs so perverted.


"Sure it's not as big as my di-"


"Harry!" I shout, "She's only five...''


"But you're not, your what? 18?" he asks.


"17." I say, sitting in the bed next to my little sister.


''What about school?" she asks, sleepy. Today is Sunday and tomorrow is Monday I should at least wake up and take Jen to school and maybe I can at least work.


"Yes you have to learn, your alphabets." I say she yawns.


"But I don't want to..." she says half awake and half asleep.


"You don't want to be like Harry do you?" I say, joking.


"Heeey!" he pouts and crossing his arms like a child.


"Okay like someone else then," but by then Jen is asleep and it's past six. And she needs rest, poor thing.


"So.. there's a bed and a couch." he says, frowning.


"Yes I see." I giggle.


"I mean there's a bed and a couch. And I hate sleeping in couches." he says, laying on the bed.


"But you slept in your couch."


"Well mine is comfortable then that one." he says closing his eyes his hair getting in his face.


"You can sleep in the floor." His eyes fly open and sits up.


"Floor? Floor? Do you know what crawls through these floors?" he says, I roll my eyes.




"Cockroaches, spiders, and weird things." he says.


"Oh my god, stop being a baby Harry." I say.


"I'm not and I can prove it to you." he says, walking up to me pinning me in the wall, our mouths inches away.


"Prove it then." I push, his mouth smashes into mine and move perfectly together, his hips pinning me more into the wall. A deep passionate kiss, but I love it. I tug on his hair lightly, while he carries me up in the wall and I push his chest. He doesn't do anything but still kiss me, I push a little harder. And he moves back.


"Am I a baby now?"


"Proven that you aren't." I say.


"Sienna?" Jen says, up. Confused as ever.


"Umm... yes?" I say.


"What were you doing with his mouth?" she asks.


"We were making out." Harry says.


"What's that?" She asks.


"When you love someone you can kiss them so much, you show it to them." He looks at me, he love me? I stay frozen.


"You love my sister?" she asks. We don't break eye contact, not once.


"Yes." he says, " A lot."


I can't believe what I'm hearing right now...

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