Mine || h.s fanfic ||


1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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5. Chapter 5

My mind doesn't agree with my mouth, but my mind decides itself.

"Ok." He smiles at me, and Gemma gives me a smirk. I look down my cheeks heat up, a flare red.

"We'll leave in five." He says.

"But it'll be to late." Jen says, everyone in the room laughs, especially me.

"Five mintues, Jen." I give her a side little hug, she laughs and nods her head.


"Here we are, Motel 6." Harry says entering the parking lot of an old motel... Creepy.

"Here...?" Jen asks, harry parks and turns the car off turning back to look at my little sister.

"Of course. Unless you want to stay in here at night where the boggy monster-" I nudge him with my elbow.

"Harry..." I give him a what-the-heck-are-you-doing-she's-little look.

"Sorry." He says, shrugging giving me a cheeky smile, I roll my eyes and we all get out.

I grab Jen's hand and she grabs Harry's, she is so cute. We walk to the office to get a key to a room. We walk inside the small building where there's a little fish tank in the corner where there's a lot if green stuff in there and a fish floating on top of the water. What the heck?!

"Look a fishy!" Jen says exciding. I grab get hand and walk to the front desk where we find no one. I ring the bell and a man comes out.

"Harry?" The guy says.

"Liam!" He says and shakes his hand.

"Been so long, mate! Is this your... Family?" He asks.

"No just... A friend." He smiles at me.

"Niiiice." He says with a chukle.

"Hi. Liam." He says shaking my hand.

"Hi, Sieana." I say with a smile and shake his hand, politely.

"And who's this." He asks.

"Oh my sister... Jenna." I say she hides behind me.

"Jen say hi." I say to her, she hides away from him and doesn't say anything.

"Quiet one, eh?"

"Not exactly." I say.

"Well I love to stay and chat but we like to get some rest." Harry says, Liam nods and gets a key in the key hanger where there is one missing key.

"Okay, I'll leave it to it then. Have a nice stay and enjoy!" He says, while we leave the small building and Harry finds the room is.

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