Mine || h.s fanfic ||


1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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4. Chapter 4

I walk upstairs while Gemma talks to Jen about how she had a huge doll collection, and Anne cleans the kitchen. I offered but she didn't want any help, Harry... well he's somewhere. I walk into Harry's room and do his bed and pack some clothes Jen tossed on the floor, talking about dolls, where's Jen's doll? I look everywhere and bend down and look under his bed, I find some socks and a few shirts.

I hear someone clear his throat and I look up and see Harry smirking at me at the position I am in. Oh. I get up quickly and rub my wrists, and look away from him.

"Were you looking for this?" He holds out Jen's doll and I quickly grab it from his hand, he hands it to me and I put it inside the duffel bag.

"We got to go Harry.. I don't want your mum to think any thing strange, I will be leaving in a bit." I say to him and sigh deeply. I really don't want to leave, but I don't want Harry and his family to get into my problems.

"..but I thought.. Never mind." He says and looks at the ground. About the kiss? We really don't have anything, I don't like him.

"About the kiss?" I ask him. He looks back at me, his green beautiful eyes looks deep into my brown ones.

"Yea... I thought that would change your mind about your... this situation your in." He says.

" I don't want to stay here Harry. I want to leave I don't want you to get into my problems, you are to..." I stop in my sentence to find the exact words to say.

" to what?" He says, I shake my head.

" nothing I'm leaving thank you for letting me stay the night." I say to him he nods his head. He opens his mouth but words don't come out, he closes it and I leave the room. I walk down stairs and Gemma is braiding Jen's hair, she's lovely.

" sorry to intrude but Jen and I have to be leaving." I say Gemma ties her hair into a hair tie and she is down.

"Ready?" Harry says behind me with a duffle bag in his hand.

"Where are you going Harold?" Gemma says with a smirk.

"Well she can't just stay in a hotel by herself with her sister." He explains to Gemma.

"Harry you can't come.." I put my hand on my head.

"Yes and I'm going. If you like it or not." He says

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