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1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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3. Chapter 3

It's Saturday morning and I really don't have any idea what I will be doing for the rest of the days that Harry's parents will let me sleep here.

I hope they don't think that I'm Harry's girlfriend and I brought his daughter. I really don't honestly, I hope they don't ask about my parents. My eyelids began to feel heavy and then I fall asleep.

"Siena say hi to the camera honey."

"Hi!" The five year old me waving to the camera, I turn to face the person behind the camera. The beautiful red haired lady is my mother. She smiles when I eat the cake with my hands and make a mess.

"Siena baby.. I can't believe your 5!" The phone starts to ring and my mother picks it up.

"Hello?... Doctor! Yes I've been very well, do you have news?... How much more time do I have left?... 3 more months..." The way she frowned and hung up the phone and begin to cry. She walks up to the younger me.

"Siena baby.. I want you to know that I will always love you and I will always be in here." She says putting here fingers over my heart.

"I know mommy. Are you leaving daddy and me?"

"Yes." My mother says


"Well baby.. It's because it's time for me to go, you be good and take care of daddy and Jen for me okay."

"But mommy I don't want you to go."

My mother begins to fade away and the 5 year old me is still crying over for her, every night.

I woke up in tears, wishing for my mother to come back. I gripped the necklace that was around my neck. Which was once belonged to my mother. The way mom hugged me at night and kissed my forehead when she tucks me in at night. Look at me now, a 17 year old Siena that misses her mother. A 17 year old that ran away with her sister and she is sleeping in one of her class mates room. A class mate that she hates more than anything.

"Siena..." Harry says in a deep raspy voice.

"I'm okay.. Go back to sleep."I say whipping my tears with my sleeve. I hug my 5 year old sister and go back to sleep



I woke up and saw Jen gone, oh god. I look around the room and Harry is sleeping in the floor the blanket covering his half naked body. I cringe and get out of bed, the door of his room is opened and I know she walked out of the room. I walk out of the room and quietly scan the hallway.

"Jen.." I whisper her name. I tippy toe downstairs and I see a light in the living room. Oh Jen.

"So why is your hair purple." I hear her small voice and look who she was talking to. I guess it's Harry's sister.

"Uh.. Jen.." I say quietly and they both turn to me.

''This is Siena, she's my sister." She says gesturing me, and she nods.

"Hi Siena, my name is Gemma." Gemma says, she moves her purple hair behind her ear. She really is pretty, just like her mother.

"Here come have a seat." She says I walk to the couch and have a seat in between them both.

"Jen.. You should of stayed in bed not wonder around." I quietly say to her.

"But Gemma was already awake and I heard noises. I saw mommy." She said, I gasp to what she said.

"You saw mommy?" I say softly. She nods. "She told me that everything is going to be better and she loved us a lot." She says. I get up from the couch and run to the restroom in Harry's room, I lock the door and look at myself in the mirror.

Mom visited Jen? A knock was heard on the door.

"Siena?" Harry says on the other side of the door.

"Y-yea give me a second." I say drying my tears with my sleeve. I un-lock the door and Harry is shown leaning on the door frame with sleepy eyes.

"Is everything fine?" He rubs his eyes and yawns.

"I-uh we have have to leave I'm sorry Harry I put you into this." I say to him. I put a beanie on and grab the bag that I took down from the car and Jen's doll. I walk out the room and go down stairs where Jen was playing with Gemma.

"Jen, baby. We have to go now." I say to her. Gemma looks lost and Harry is only in his boxers. Wow he looks.. I look away and get Jen.

"Siena no." She says and crosses her arms and pouts. Ugh.

"Just stay." Harry says. I shake my head,"Harry I can't I need to go.." I say.

"Go where? Home?" He says. I don't have a home no more.

"I'm going to stay at a motel or something.." I say.

"A motel?" He scoffs," stay here. I can help you, with anything. It's almost summer break." He says. I nod and shake my head quickly.

"Harry I don't need your help okay?" I say as calm as I can. He looks frustrated. I get Jen from the wrist and walk out the front door, Harry follows me and stops me. He grabs me and turns me around. He looks at my lips and deeply in my eyes.

"Harry what are you doing?" I ask.

''Something I wanted to do in the a long time." He says he leans to me and kisses my lips. The way his soft smooth lips felt against mine were incredible. Wait no I dislike Harry I shouldn't be having these feelings like these for him. I move back, I look down at Jen and she has a disgust face on. I look back at Harry and he bites his bottom lip. He is so hot with or without clothing.



"Thank you Anne, for a lovely breakfast Jen and I haven't had one like these in a long time." I give her a weak smile and move a strand of hair out of my face.

"Well, honey you know your always welcomed here."She says while she soothes Jen's hair.

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