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1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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2. Chapter 2

"Siena? Girl where have you been? You came just in time, our 'boss' came looking for you." she air quotes boss. I hope he doesn't mind Jen here again.

"I know, I know.. it's just that my mother.." I pause and look at Jen through the window in the lounge room, the way she concentrates when she colors the flower. I smile at my self that I have her.

"Just.. help that man." she says passing me a pad and a pen. I walk towards the man reading and scanning through the menu.

"How can I hel- Harry?" I say. He smiles at me.

"Yes babe it's me. Are you going to take my order or are you going to stand there?" he says putting the menu in the table and checks me out in my work clothes.

"What are you going to order then?" I ask him

"A hamburger and fries." he says and I write it down in my note pad.

"Do you want me to re-fill that." I ask him, I put the note pad in my little pocket from my apron.

"Sure. Sweet tea." he says and passing me his cup.

I go to the machine of drinks and tap on the 'Sweet Tea' label I add ice and push the lever it fills the cup and I rip the order that Harry ordered.

"Hamburger and fries." I say out loud so the cook can hear me what the person ordered.

I walk back and get Harry's sweet tea and get a straw out. I leave it on his table and he's on his damn phone like all ways.

"Siena, I'm hungry." Jen says in back of me.

"Jen, baby.."

"Who's this?" Harry says.

"I'm Jen, and I'm four." She sticks five fingers instead of five. Harry smiles and puts her thumb down.

"I'm Harry." he smiles at her and his dimples show.

"Jen, I don't have money.." I say as quietly as I can so Harry can't hear.

"I'll buy her something." Harry offers, I look at Jen and she has her pleading eyes.

"Okay, thanks Harry. I appreciate it." I say to him.

"It's nothing." he says to me and looks at Jen.

"Jen I'll meet you back at the lounge room." I say to her and she walks back to the room she was in a few minutes ago.

"Is that your daughter?" Harry asks, and I shake my head.

"She's my little sister." I say to him.

"She looks like you." he says and I smile at him.

"Burger and fries?" the bell rings.

"I'll be right back." I say to him and he nods.

I walk to where Harry's food is at, the way he is nice me and Jen was awfully nice. I've never seen him like this before, well his nice side. I walk back at his table and sit his plate in front of him. I walk back and buy a sand which and a juice for Jen. I pay and bring her the food I brought her.

"Siena, who was that?" she asks.

"Jen, he's Harry. He goes to school with me." I say to her.

"He's very nice." she says and I nod.



My shift was finally finished and I grab Jen and she falls asleep in my arms. I get my money that I was paid today which was 375.00 from this and last month. I walk to my car and put Jen in her car seat, and she forgot her doll. I close the door and lock it and run inside the restaurant I walk everywhere but it was nowhere to be found.

"Looking for this?" I turn around and Harry was standing with Jen's doll in his hand. I nod and get it from him. He follows me outside and to my car. I unlock the car and buckle Jen and put her doll next to her.

"Are you going back home?" he asks me from behind.

"Yes and no." I say his confused face is very adorable.

"I'm running away with Jen." I add.

"Why?" he asks.

"My parents don't pay attention to me and I plan to run away with Jen tonight. I have no idea where to go, I got paid today and I'm planning on going to a cheap Motel." I chuckle.

"Oh, well um... you can stay at my house until you figure out what to do." he offers.

"No, no, no. Harry I don't want to bother you and your parents." I tell him.

"Siena you won't. Come on." I sigh in defeat and I nod my head.

"I'll follow you back your house." he says walking away and I nod and get inside my car and drive to my house. My car isn't that far a few blocks. I hope I really won't be a big problem to his parents, I really don't want to cause any problems.

I leave Jen in the car and I climb the tree that is close to my bedroom window, I open my window and quickly get inside and get the bags full of clothes and toys. I get them all and look around just to remember this moment, I look at my mirror full of pictures of my friends and my family before my mother died. I drop the bags on the floor and walk to my mirror, I snatch the group of picture and I put it inside my jacket. I get the bags and climb the window and close it behind me.

"Bye mom, bye dad." I looking at my old house and I single tear rolls down my cheek. I put the bags inside my trunk and follow Harry to his house. His house is very beautiful and big, I park my car on the side of the sidewalk. I turn the car off and get off the car and get Jen and grab her into my arms.

He waits outside for me and he opens the door and I walk inside the lights are on in the living room and people are there, I assume it's his parents and sister.

"Harry where were yo-" the lady looks at me and looks back at Harry.

"Mum, this is Siena and her sister, she really needs some place to stay for a few days or so." he says, she gets up from the couch and walks up to me.

"Anne." she extends her hand out for me to shake it.

'' Siena." I shake it.

"Well, honey, stay as long as you want.. if you need anything Gemma, Harry and I are here." she says to me.

"Thank you Anne. I appreciate it so much, I hope I won't be a bother." I say and she shakes her head.

"We will be upstairs, shout for me if you need me." Harry says to his mother.

He guides me upstairs and walk into a room I believe it's his.

'' You and your sister can sleep in my room and I can sleep in the couch.'' he says I nod and he gets blankets from his closet and sets it on top of the couch.

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