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1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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10. Chapter 10.


  Another day, going back to the motel and going back to school, Harry is going to graduate in less then a month. I still have a year to go... but really I want him to live his life the way he wanted before he met me and Jen, but he's my boyfriend.


This situation is not going well for me, we left the house two months ago, and here we are living an old motel where, really not that bad Harry pays five dollars really cheap.


My love for Harry is so unexplainable, I never been so in love with a guy like this. Expect Daniel, but we were only in fifth grade. Jen has been passing her classes and learned all her alphabets and almost half ways to her numbers. Harry is out with Jen for a 'fun day', but I decided not to go. I was interrupted when there was a knock on the door. I get up from the bed and walk to the door and tip toe to look through the peep hole. And see the guy from next door. I open the door to see him.


"Hi Sienna," he says with a smile.


Zayn. "Hello Zayn." I return a smile.


"I was wondering if your friend Harry, mind helping me to paint?"




"Well, Spray Paint." he says.


"Well, he's not here right now, he's out taking my sister."




"Yes, would you like to come in?"


"No thanks," he says with his accent. "Do you have any plans?" he asked, while I lean on the door frame.




"Would you like to come over and help me?" he asks me. I politely accept his invite and quickly grab my shoes and grab a hair band.


"Okay," i smile and I close the door and he we walk next door and he opens the door. It's really dark in the room and bump into the something. Zayn switches on the light and I'm found in the floor in embarrassment. He helps me up and pick up what fell to the floor a little bag filled with white powder. I don't know what it is but he quickly snatches it from my hand and tosses it in his drawer.


"Come." he says and grabs a crate of spray paints and a white canvas.


"Are you an artist?" I ask he smiles at me and nods.


"Yes I am, but I was kicked out of school, but here I am still working my ass off to sell these shits," he says with a little laugh.


"They are not shits, they are really beautiful." One of his artworks caught my eye, a purple blue sky, looks sad.


I pick it up," This is so nice. What gave you the idea?''


"It was a period were I was so depressed."


"We all have that time period. But we get over it soon." I say putting it down.


"Shall we start?"


The time has passed by so quickly it feels like I have known Zayn for ages, like if he was a close friend to me. We were playing around, he taught me how to do the way he does when he paints. He really is a sweet nice guy.


"So do you have a girlfriend?" I simply ask. Kneeling on the floor and spary the paint on the last white space.




"Why? Your such a sweet and nice guy."


"I just haven't found the one." he says looking at me, he walks up to me and moves a strand of hair in my face. He raises his hand to my cheek and he slowly comes to me. I push him back and move away from him.


"Sorry I-- I have to go,"


"Wait Sienna!"


I run out of the room and open the door to mine and Harry's room, Zayn kept on banging and calling for me. Until it finally stops, the door unlocks and I begin to panic...







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