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1.an intense feeling of deep affection.

2.a person or thing that one loves.

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1. Chapter 1

"Siena! Get your ass down here! Your sister is hungry!" My step mother yells from down stairs, I get my cardigan from the back of my door knob and pull it up my arms. Another day of yelling and going to school. I get my backpack and run downstairs.

"Come on, Jen." I grab her from the wrist and run towards the door, I see a few bucks on the coffee table I snatch it and run out the door. My father's car is barley coming in the drive way.

"Run faster Jen." I yell, we stopped in front of a corner store and we bought food so we can eat. Jen bought donuts and I got some peanut butter crackers. We paid and then we left to go to school. I walked her to her class, before she went inside she came back running to me and hugged me.

"I'll meet you outside after school ok?" I say to her, she nods and walks into her class room.

I really do hate when I have to run away from my awful parents, they really don't give a damn about us anymore. After my dad got married to Margret she got my father into drugs and drinking. I really hate my dad like this coming home drunk not giving a shit about non of us, he quiet his job because

he was drunk that morning and his boss needed his paper work printed and then my father cussed him out. I walked into my school and walked towards my locker, I got my art notebook out of my backpack and put it inside there.

The bell rings once I walk inside I walk to my desk and begin to draw. I begin to remember what happened last night, I look at my wrist and se the burn. A cigarette burn. The way that horrible bitch burned me, tears begin to blind my view. A single tear runs down to my drawing the way the pencil marking beings to get wet. I clean my eyes with the back  of my palm. 

"Okay class! Lets begin todays day by finishing of your piece of art that you started Monday." I turn to that page and finish it off.


It's finally the last period of the day and I am not in the mood of going back home, not with that monster that is waiting for me to abuse me or my little brother. But thank god I have work today.

I take a seat in the table with two other people the seat in front of me is empty, which means no Harry today, I smile to myself but then I frown when he appears walking towards the seat. Spoke to soon.

"Hey, Siena." he smiles at me. What does he want?

"What do you want Harry?" I ask him rudely.

"Why do you got to be so rude? What have I done to you?" he smirks leaning against the table and takes his phone out.

"Many things Harry.. It'll be impossible to list all of them." I roll my eyes at him. He chuckles and puts his phone his black  skinny jeans. How is it possible that he can wear those jeans?

"Look babe. I don't want any trouble, how 'bout we call it truce?" I roll my eyes at him and lean on my chair and cross my arms.

"Okay, then."

"Hello class. Today just do finish the assignment I gave you the other day. When your finish you can do whatever you want." My teacher says and looks back into his computer.

What is the purpose Annabelle ran away from her parents?

A. Because her parents did drugs.

B. Because they didn't care about her anymore.

C. She was tired of them.

D. No answer

I circle the first answer, Annabelle ran away because her parents did drugs just like mine. Maybe I should run away from mine, my life could be better than it is right now. The idea comes to mine is perfect. But I don't know where to. My grandparents are all dead, I have no aunts or uncles that I might know of. And I have no mother.

I look up from my assignment and Harry is staring at me it really is uncomfortable. I look away and continue to finish my assignment. I pull up my sleeve to look again at my burn in my wrist, it looks terrible.

"What happened?" I hear Harry say, I quickly pull down my sleeve of my cardigan.

"Nothing you should worry about." I say to him. He sighs in annoyance and the bell rings I finished just in time, I turn in my assignment and leave the school to pick up my brother.

I run to his elementary class and look for her, I see her blonde hair and I walk towards her

"Ms. Jiff, my sister is here to pick me up." she says pointing at me while she talk to her. She nods and hugs him, she walks to me and gets my hand.

"Jen, I have an idea... My friend is going camping for a few days do you want to come with me, but we have to leave tonight." My crazed idea is very excellent and we have to pack before I leave for work.

"What about mommy and daddy?" she says eating her last donut she saved from this morning.

"They don't know, just.. it's our secret ok." I say to her and she nods her mouth covered in white powder. I stop in front of her and clean her mouth with sleeve.

"Do you want to go to work with me, or.."

"Yes." she says cutting me off.

I get her small hand and bring it to mine," Everything will be better Jen, I promise." I say to her walking up the stair cases of our house.

"Pinky promise?" She says, we lock our pinky finger together.

"Pinky Promise." I say.

"Promise what?" Margret says walking out of the kitchen.

"Nothing.. I'm taking Jen to work." I say to her, not looking at me and climbs up the stairs.

"Yea, I don't care do what ever you want." she says. Do whatever I want? I smile at the idea

"Get dressed and pack your clothes and Sally too." I say to her. She does what I say to her and bring, we have suit cases packed under the bed that was only for important needs like now. I get my black dress pants and my work shirt. I put my hair in a bun and put my shoes on.

"Ready to go?" I ask her. She nods and brings her doll I grab my car keys and drive to the restaurant. I walk in with Jen's hand and I leave her in the lunch room with some colors and a coloring book. I smile to myself knowing that everything will change over night.

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