Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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3. two




 Harry grabbed my waist and guided me to the living room and we both sat down in the couch, Louis left to go grab some stuff from the other room to get us started. I looked around the living room and on the coffee table there is a lot of cigarettes butts in a plate and used joints. Louis came back and he had some coke and joints, Harry sat up and rubbed his hands together, I hate getting high, either I do something weird or say something that would make things awkward.


" here take this, this will get things better." he says, putting the coke in a paper and taking his credit card and braking pieces so they can be a sandy type of material.


He gets a dollar out and rolls he brings it up his nose and leans into the coke and sniffs it, he passes me the rolled dollar and I do the same. It feels weird so I rub my nose and sniff in more air. I drags the paper to him and takes more cocaine, he rubs his nose and he gestures me to come. I look at Harry and he nods, I get up and Harry pulls the end of my dress. I walk towards him and he takes me on his lap, he leans into me and starts to kiss me.


 His grip around my waist tightens and he gets up and moves me to sit in the couch, he unbuttons his jeans and takes his shirt off, he is left off in his boxers and I stare at his erection, my desperate eyes and hands pull his boxers down and I grab his length on my hand. I stroke him slowly up and down, a soft low moan escapes from his mouth and his head goes back. I start to pump faster and I put it in my mouth, sucking on it, making him moan more.


" fuck your going to make me cum." he says. I look up at him and smile, we both switch positions and he helps me get on him. A moan escapes my mouth when he enters me, he slowly goes in and out of me and more moans fill the room. His trusts are getting a little harder and our breathing is getting uneven. I grab his arms so they can help from falling into him.


" Louis.." I say his name, his trusts began to be sloppy, he pulls out and he makes me sit on the couch and he puts his length in my mouth and he cums.




" you seem to like the way he did you?" Harry says to me while he puts the money in his pocket, I smile and roll my eyes.


" tell me." he says calmly, I look at him.


" harry, nobody does it better than you do." I say to him and he smirks.


" we need to buy new clothes." he says and bites his bottom lip.


" so, your saying you don't like this dress?" I say to him playfully, which I know he loves this dress on me.


'' I didn't say that. You always look fucking hot in that dress, I'm just saying that you need new clothes so you don't have to look like this all the time." he says, I look at him.


" it's my job isn't it?" I say to him.


" ugh... I didn't mean it that way.. just drop the subject, were going to the mall to buy you better, comfortable clothes." he says putting the car in drive and he drives to which I believe is the mall.

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