Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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13. tweleve


    Chapter 12.


  He grabs a condom from his pants, the nerves in my stomach are building inside of my stomach. We are doing this, we are actually doing this, in my period. Sounds really disgusting but it's my first time trying it out. He pulls his pants down bringing his boxers too, down to his ankles. He opens the wrapper, but fails.


"Here." I say opening my small palm and he places it, I use scissors that lay next to me. And I grab the condom in my hand. Harry grabs himself pulling him upwards so I can slide it down him.


"Fuck." he says, when I stroke him very slow. "Stop fucking teasing." he says, pulling my pants down and following my panties, he carries me down to the floor and I land on my feet.


"Bend." he demands, I do what he says, bending on the kitchen counter. He grabs the plug (tampon) inside me and tosses it in the trashcan behind him. I look back over my shoulder and he grabs my hip and grabs his length slowly his tip enters me, making me moan. I clinch my fists tightly while Harry thrusts into me deep and rough.


"H-harry." I say, squinting my eyes shut, he's going to fast and rough, which like. His hands go to my hips and one goes to my breast massaging it in his grip.


"Fuck, your so amazingly tight." I say. My stomach tightens I'm on the edge of letting my self come.


"Baby, come for me." he says, I let go and he makes one last deep thrust into me. He lets himself out of me and takes the condom off and puts the condom inside the wrapper and throws it away in the trashcan.


"You might want to plug in." he says winking at me. He walks up to me and squeezes my butt and kisses my lips sloppy but passionate. I grab my panties and pants from the floor and run to the restroom, getting the box of "plugs" I grab a tampon and plug my self. I slip my panties and my pants. I walk out the restroom and call for Harry.


"Harry?" I say looking for the love of my life, "Harry?" I call out louder, I can't find him. I walk to the kitchen and grab the kitchen phone, I punch in the numbers.


"This call has been forwarded to-" The robotic voice says.


I dial him again, "Hello?" His deep raspy voice says in the other line.


"Hey, where did you go?" I ask him.


"I have... stuff to do. I'll be coming back around four." he says.


"O-okay. I love you." I say.


"I love you to." he says in the other side of the line. I hang up and set the phone in it's previous spot. I look to see what time it is and it five till two. I should at least make food. Or I could go down to that burger joint, from a few blocks away. I grab the keys and grab some money from the drawer, and take forty bucks.




"Thanks." I say to the guy that passes me my bag of burger and fries. I walk out the bar looking building and look at Menchie's across the street. I want frozen yogurt. First, I walk to my car and leave my burger in the passenger seat. I walk over to the building and pull the door open. I walk over to the front and take my order looking up at the big sign of tons of flavors.


"Hi how can I help you."


"Yea. Hi can I have a cookie dough monster." I say, I squint if I actually made a the right order. The guy smiles at me and I blush and him while he shakes his head.


"Small, Medium or Large?" he says, I tilt my head slightly.




"You cup size."


"Oh huh- Large. Two please.'' I say, he taps on the computer thing.


"It's.. 10.32." He says. I pass him the money and the rest I put it in the tip jar which was two dollars and sixty eight since.


The guy comes back with my order.


On the way back to the house I grab my orders and walk back inside. Harry in the kitchen stale, with a cup of water in his hands.


"Where were you?" He asks.


"Getting food." I smile and he returns one back to me.


"Nice. Menchie's?" he asks with a cheeky smile.




"And a burger." I say to him. Seating in the seat and set the food down pass him his burger and fries and take mine out, I slide his yogurt to him.




Hey guys! I'm very sorry that I didn't post chapter eleven in like soooo long ☺ but hey I did it ☺.


Thanks guys for getting over 350 reads meaning sooooo much! ♥


I hope you guys liked this chapter! Even though it was disgusting, there are people like this, like Harry and Violet. Nasty. I know.


But thank you and I hope you guys really enjoyed this chapter!!

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