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"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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14. Thirteen

Chapter 13.


"Stop!" I laugh, the French frie falls inside my shirt. His eyes goes to my breasts. I look down and spot the frie. I get it and toss it in the table, Harry grabs the frie and eats it.



"You nasty boy." I say to him scrunching my nose.


"That's not the nastiest thing I've done." he says with a cheeky smile.


A chuckle and nod, "Would you get married?"


"It depends with who." he says with a smirk, oh. My heart sinks down my stomach no, my ass. The knot that is creating in my throat is building up to get tighter, holding back the tears. I finish my food, and throw my trash away.


"Babe... I was just kidding." he says, I nod and give him a weak smile before sitting back down.


"Look, I would love to get married with you but, marriage isn't my thing."


"And I thought you said you never love any one." I point out.


"Babe, I know. I know, I just."


"You just what?"


"I don't know I'm scared."


"Scared of what Harry? Of me? I love you, really. But you're acting like a five year old. Man up and be the guy I truly love." I say getting up from my chair and sitting on top of his lap, facing him.


"What if... I... I give you a promise ring then?" The words leaving his lips surprise me, I'm just talking him into this, and it's working, I think.


"Are you drunk." I ask, with a little chuckle.


He chuckles with me, "Ha-ha. No I'm not. I serious." He says his eyes soft and loving, I nod and lean in to kiss him.


I push away, "Promise?"


"Promise." He says, our lips colliding again.




We solve things with sex, I don't think it's healthy of me and Harry making love every two or three days a week, and especially it's my job, mostly do that 6 days of the week. I've been thinking about my family and how they are doing but I have no clue, I am miles away from them. I love Harry a lot but I need to get away from him. I know this will be dangerous, I will risk my life to see the people I love the most. I have no idea when I'm leaving but it has too be soon or Harry will find out and I will be in big trouble.


"Babe? Are you ready? You have been there quiet a while, are you having a hard time plugging?" he says in the other side of the restroom door, and my days are over.


"No. Sorry just nervous.." I make up a lie.


"For what? Just for a ring?" he asks. I look at my self in the mirror fixing my tank top, and pulling the ends of my short shorts. I pull my hair back and unlock the door. Harry looking up at me smiling.


"Wow. You outdone yourself."


"Babe, shut up." My eyes grow wide of what I've said, I have never called Harry babe before, I feel my checks heat up.


"Babe? Eh, I was waiting till you called me that." He says hugging me burring his head in my neck kissing me lightly on my sensitive skin, a moan escapes from my mouth.


"Harry, let's go before it gets late." I say cupping his checks.




"Oh my god, Harry. I love this one so much." I whine, looking at a beautiful diamond ring with tons of diamonds in the outer of the ring and a bigger diamond in the top.


"Vi, babe. We're not getting a engagement ring, a promise ring." he smiles at me leaning on one arm in the glass thing and I look at the lady helping us.


"Promise ring? I have a perfect one for you and the exact size." she says, I look at harry and he groans in his hands, I laugh wrapping my arms around his waist.


"I love you, babe." I say to him.


"I love you too, baby." he says kissing me, the lady comes up to us with a black box opening it for me to see it, I gasp while she passes it to Harry.


"Please." I pout.


"Ugh... how much?" he asks.


"3,420." she says


"What?! No!" he says.


"I can lower the price just because you guys are so perfect and your soon to be wife will want it bad." She says, saved!


I smile at her, "How much then?" Harry asks. The lady which I found out that was named Nora makes a thinking face.


"930." She says. Wow that's a great price. Harry looks at me and I give him a nod.


"I guess." he says.


"Okay sir just walk over to the check out area." she says grabbing the box from Harry and we both walk to the check out area, we stand there and Harry grabs his wallet out. The wallet which is thick, to thick.


"930, sir exact." she says, Harry grabs the money and places it in her hands. She taps on the screen and the receipt prints out and she puts the black box in a gift bag and puts white tissue paper, she passes the bag to Harry and the receipt. On our way out to the store he stops me holding my hand and turning me around. In his hands the little black box, kneeling in one knee. Oh god.


"Harry... Not now a lot of people are looking." I say.


"I don't give a flying fuck." he says.


Opening the box showing the beautiful diamond ring sparkling in the light, "Violet, Violet Mae? I promise with all my heart to marry you when I'm ready, this ring symbolizes our love, our strength, our happiness. So Violet Mae, would you take this promise ring and be my soon to be wife?" he says, 'awws' fell around us where we are crowded in a little circle.


"Yes! Yes of course!" I say, he stands up and grabs the ring brining it closer to my finger, holding my hand because of the shakiness and he slides the diamond ring in my left hand ring finger. I wrap my arms around him and kiss him.




What the hell am I thinking?!


So how was the story guys! I know it's russshed! but hey I'm updating now!


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