Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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11. ten



  Chapter 10.


 I was woken up by my alarm going off, I groan. I haven't put alarms in the longest time, I used to put alarms when I used to go to school. I wake up and the room is pitch black. I tap the side where Harry falls asleep and he isn't there, where in the bloody hell is that man?


I shut the snooze button, I don't have an alarm in our room. I turn on the lap in the night stand, this room, why am I in my room. My house? The door opens, showing Ethan?


"Harry?" I shout for him.


"Violet, you don't need him anymore. He's locked up and you're back home." he says to me.


"No, no, no." I repeat, I take the words that stumble from his mouth.


"He's locked up? Why?" I ask, feeling a lump in my throat my vision is blurry with the tears wanting to escape free.


"He hurt you Violet. He hurt you in the most worst way. You called me. Remember?" I remove the covers off of my body. 


"I would never call you Ethan, I love Harry and he would never hurt me in no way." I spit, he laughs and his head falls back.


"Will, Vi that's-"


"Don't call me that."


"Or what? You're going to call Harry? Well, think again, he's going to get locked up for the longest time Vi." this is just a dream, or is it?



   I wake up, I look around to see where I am, the t.v is on and I turn it off. I look around and I see I drank to much wine, I get up and check my old flip phone to find out what time it is. It's one in the morning and Harry isn't here. I walk to the bedroom, I look around the whole room to find at least a duffle bag. I grab at least some comfortable clothes, I grab some under garments and I zip the duffle bag closed and walk to the backyard. What if my dream is telling me something? What if Harry actually does hurt me?


I walk to the shack and open the door and close it behind me, I hid the bag under the table and out bags on top of it. The lump in my throat thinking about Harry, harming me roams my head, my breathing fastens, I grab a pot and throw it across the little shack. I fall to the floor. Even Harry, in prison, makes my stomach twist in a awful way.


"Why the hell are you doing this to me?!" I shout and fall in my knees, I cry in my hands. I  get out of the shack, I fall again in my knees and roll to my back the tears roll down tot he sides of my head, looking up at the sky. It's amazing. There are thousands of shining stars one next to the next and to the next. They are never alone, they don't really move at all. Just shine right next to the moon. I lay on the ground like if I was a star, next to thousands of others, but I just pretend to have others here. 


I finally stop from my meltdown and get off from the ground, I go inside and it's three in the morning. I should go to bed, when I was about to turn the door knob, I here the front door. I squint my eyes and see a girl and Harry, I gasp. My blood boils and I walk toward them,'' who the hell are you coming into a damn home at three in the morning?" I'm about to slap this bitch.


"Sorry your boyfriend here couldn't drive so I had to drive him here." she says pointing at the Harry laying on the floor with his eyes closed, he looks so adorable, no Violet just stop, she looks around the house.


"Well thank you, I think you must go." I say bending down at the sleeping Harry on the floor and look back up at her. She escorts herself out, closes the door behind her. I wiggle my self under him and I sooth his curly hair off his face, he's so beautiful. I slowly slide my finger down the side of his face and his eyes shut open.


"Sorry." I say in a whisper," Let's go to bed shall we?" I say whispering. He nods I help him up and we both walk to the room, Harry kicks his boots off and takes his pants off following his shirt. I get in bed and he lays his head on top of my stomach.


"I love you Vi. You know that right?" he mumbles in a very raspy and thick voice.


"Yes I do Know Harry. I love you Harry."


"From the moon and back?" he says, I giggle.


''Yes. To the moon and back." I feel him smile. He wraps his arm around my waist and kisses me stomach.


"Marry me?" he says, my eyes go wide. I'm only 19.




"You don't love me that way?" I looks up at me, I close my eyes and sigh.


"Yes, I do Harry, but.."


"But what?" he presses


"Harry I didn't plan on getting married at the age of 19 or being a prostitute." I say, he nods he looks hurt.


"Harry.. Look at me. I love you so much Harry that you drive me so crazy sometimes. I don't consider us getting married because will were different." I shrug.


"But different is good isn't it?" he says, I shrug.


"If you loved me you would of said yes." he says, I move to where he is. I lay down and he wraps an arm around me, I grab his face and lower it down to mine I lean up a little to kiss him and I move back.


"I would marry you Harry, just not in this age. I'm not ready." I say, he smiles and kisses me again.


"I would wait until your ready babe." I kiss him again his breath smells like whiskey.


"How much did you drink?" I lean on his forearm and counts with his fingers, I giggle.


"I lost count when I took 4 shots, and a glass of whiskey." he says




So I've been very busy the past few days? weeks? I lost track but chapter ten guys! I have many things to talk about. First, I was planning to make a new trailer for my upcoming book. But for now I'm gathering many things I can create for the trailer. But I must know if you all would really are going to see it, if so leave a comment below.



Second, I've created so many drafts for many books, but I'm only publishing one at a time. So if you dying to read CHAPTER 11. for this book leave a comment below and I'll try my best to update. So yea...


 Third, I need your help on getting casts for this book. Anyone like to pick some out?


That's all for this chapter guys I hope you enjoy this chapter, hope your liking it so far. Add this book in your Library cause buckle your seatbelts cause this is going to be a wild ride from now on. Violet will learn some deep secrets from Harry. And Harry will find out things that Violet keeps from him. So stay tuned!

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