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"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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17. sixteen

Chapter 16.

M a n y M o n t h s L a t e r...

(Flash back)

His hands in my throat, his grip tightening, harder and harder. I'm losing out of breath, I try to remove his hands but he is to strong. His eyes full of anger the side of Harry I don't know. Haven't come front with.

Seconds... Seconds is all I have, I can't do it anymore this is the end, maybe. Seconds... Seconds of a life I don't want, never wanted. Seconds... Seconds to finally leave him. Finally to be free. Free from Harry. I feel my eyes close lightly. This is it. The end, I've always wanted.

A smash is heard and Harry's are free from my throat.

I begin to cough, get air. I continuously keep coughing over an over again. I rest my hands in my knees and look up to what happened. No one to be seen. A vase is broken. Harry is knocked out. It's time, time to leave.

I run to the shed in the back and get the bag I planted months ago... Almost feels like ancient days. I quickly run, run for my life Harry is still knocked out a small pile of blood is seen. I'm frozen looking at him, a smile appears in my lips.


Is what I said.

I fucking hate you! You asshole!

I yell.

My legs begin to move and I run to the door, I'm out the air runs through my hair.

This bag of money is all I need. Money is all I need.

A ticket out of here.

. . .

P r e s e n t D a y.

I look through the window, the familiar places, my hometown I grew up in. I'm finally here. Seattle, Washington. The bus takes a halt, and the driver, "Seattle, Washington!" The man shouts.

Several people walks out and I'm one of them, I look around, the cold air heats me and I only have a light sweater.

I have changed my appearance, my hair is cut short, I died it a dirty brown, and I look pretty good.

I run to my house which is only blocks away.

I turn the knob. But it won't open.

"Hello!" I shout, banging on the door.

"Hedow?" A little blonde girl with blue eyes opens the door.

"Is mom here- I mean Jessica Waters here?" I ask her she stares at me.

"Jes.." She says.

"Aunt Jessica!" The little girl yells.

My mother walks up to the door drying her hands with a tag, man how she aged.

"Yes?" I look at her.

"Excuse me? I don't think I want to buy anything." He says half closes the door but I move my foot to stop it.

"Jessica. Jessica Waters? Im your daughter."

"What kind of sick joke is this? My daughter was kidnapped... Probably dead by now." Her voice cracks, tears running down her face.

"Mom." I take my hood off my head, my mom freezes. All of the sudden she faints.

"Mom!!" I run to the floor and help her.

"Dad!!" I yell, my father, walks to the door. He's so old. I help my mom up.

. . .

My mothers eyes open a bit, it's been an hour since I got here.

"Vi. Violet is that you?" Her head is in my lap and she cups her hands in my cheek, I look down at her tears dropping in her brown hair. Deep dark circles in surround her bottom eyes.

"Yes." Is all I say.


"A miracle, mom. A miracle."

"H-how?" She sits up and looks at me.

"What happened? Where were you all these years?"

"I was kidnapped mom, kidnapped the guy that kidnapped me to do... Stuff." Her hands rush up her mouth and gasps.

I begin to cry. I love harry honesty, but things happen for a reason. And those reasons happen when love fails.

I cry and hide my rig that's in my finger I can't take it off it's like a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of the shoe hard to take off.

I can not tell her everything, but I want to be safe.

I want him locked up.

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