Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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1. Prologue

Before reading this book, I need you to know this book contains many graphic stuff, a lot of sex scenes and especially cuss words, if you can not be mature of this, please this book is not for you!


I am telling you this know before you read any chapters.


There will not be any heads up notes so, please this book is for mature people, younger than 13 years old, lord help yourself. 


I was kidnaped from the person I feared the most, he was a monster to me. His name was Harry Styles, I could of lived a normal happy life like I used to but now this is how my life is. I was trapped in his flat, locked in his room when he wasn't here. He would either go out, do drugs and drink, or go and screw a girl.


I would only leave the house and 'work', my job was being a stripper and having sex with guys I never knew. I was basically his money maker. Harry and I did have sex almost every day but, I never really did enjoy it.


Before I was kidnaped by my monster I was leaving from school, it was the last day, I was planning on visiting my sister and her fiancé, which they are both expecting a baby soon.


I just wish that everything would please change and I want to leave him and make things were before all this happened, I need a normal life. Not a life like this.


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