Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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10. nine


  Chapter 9.


 I stand up straight and they both get up from the couch, Zayn stands in front of me and Louis goes in back me. Zayn leans in and kisses me, I bring my hand down to his pants he breaks the kiss and he pull his pants off, Louis sets down in the couch and gets me and slowly pulls my panties down, he enters me and I moan. I slowly stroke him slowly while Louis trusts into me fast and harder.



  Harry's P.O.V


I grab the shot that was passed to me and I put my head back and let the liquor fall to my mouth, it's my 1..3...6... I lost count, but I am drunk as hell. A nice good looking girl not as beautiful as Vi but... never mind. Stands and looks at me, fuck.


" Is this seat taken?" She says, Vi? I shake my head and it's a different person. Well now I'm loosing my mind, I grab a twenty dollar bill and slap it on the wooden table.


" Excuse me can I have a beer?" she says, to the bar tender. She looks around and looks at me, she better not even fucking talk to me.


" Are you here alone?" she asks making little circles in the table.


" Yea." I simply say.


" A good looking guy wouldn't just be here alone. Don't you have a girl?" she asks.


" What's it to you?" I say harshly, she smiles.


" I am just being nice." she says the bartender finally comes with a opened beer and he slides it to her. She takes a drink from it and I look away.


" Well don't. Where's your guy?" I say not even making sense.


" Whiskey." I say to the guy. He gets a glass cup and opens the whiskey bottle and pours the liquor inside and adds a few ice cubes and slides it to me.


" I'm not into guys." she says, Oh shit. I almost choke on my drink.


" Excuse me?" I say.


" I'm lesbian, I don't like guys, they are dicks no offense." she says I shrug. It's true guys are dicks, I can say so myself.


" Non taken. Where's the girl then." I ask.


" She's at home I would be wakening her up soon." she licks her lips. I scrunch my nose, but I always pleasure Violet like that, how good and wet she gets.


" So I didn't get your name?" she says.


" Why are you so nosey why don't you go back with your bitch?" I say, it's not me talking it's the liquor.


" Excuse me." she sighs and gets up and leaves. Finally alone, I finish my the glass of whiskey and I leave. I stumble into things and I look around to see where I parked my jacked up car. I can't walk right and I can't really see where I'm walking at, the same girl walks up to me puffing a white cloud and throws the cigarette in the floor and she crushes it with her boot.


" Do you need help?" she asks I push her out of my way and look at the car slowly but the world seems to be moving to fast for me. 


" Look bustard I'm just trying to fucking help if you want it or not?" she asks me.


" Drive me home or something." I say, she puts her hand behind my back and I jerk it off.


" Here, sit." She says opening the passenger door of he car and I sit down, she runs around and she opens the drivers door and she opens the door. I look around and the car and it smells pretty good, my eye lids begin to feel really heavy and I try my hardest to not fall asleep.


" Fall asleep you need it." she says I lean my head on the window and my eyes begin to close.


 Violet's P.O.V 


 I get the money the boys passed me and I put it on the counter, I get up from the couch and go to our bedroom and get a black shirt of Harry's. I walk back to the living room and the boys stand up from the couch and they both look at each other and they walk towards the front door.


" We have other stuff to do." Louis says Zayn opens the door and he leaves to the car that is parked in the driveway. Louis rests his hands on my hips and I wrap my hands around his neck. He leans in me and kisses me, our lips sync and he pushes back.


" I wish you were mine." he says looking in my eyes. I smile and a kiss him one more time.


" I know Louis. Maybe I can." I shrug and bite my bottom lip. He lets go of me and he leaves, I lean on the door while he leaves and I close the door.


" His." I say to myself, I roll my eyes. I get the money from the counter and smile at it.


" He's just for money, just for money."


" I'll need you soon. All this well be over with soon." I smile at the money, I grab it and I walk back in the backyard and there is a little shack. I open the door of the little shack and there are a few pots I grab one and put the money inside the pot, I grab a few more pots I put it on top of the pot where my money is in.


I walk out of the shack and head back inside.


I check the clock on the microwave and it shows, 11:39. Where the hell is Harry? I shouldn't even worry I bet he's at the bar or something, or even worse what is he's at a random girls house?

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