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"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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15. fourteen

Chapter 14.

Slipping off my rig and putting it on top of the night stand I lay in bed with Harry when he wraps his arms around me, I look up at him and kiss his jaw line.

"Would you like a normal life, with out the job you have?" I ask, him nervous about his answer.

"I have no idea really, I never even planned on being this, leader actually."

"I know, I know. But didn't you want to be something else?"

"No, my life was ruined when I was just a little boy."

"Oh. What happened?"

"My mother was rapped right in front of me, she would tell me to leave but I wanted to help her, when the man left I grabbed a box of bandages and put all the bandages on her thinking that would of helped." He chuckle and little and rubs his face.

"Baby, you know I love you right?"

"Yes, I don't know why. All the stuff I put you through."

"And I still love you, I feel in love with you hard."

"Wow and I love you too."

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