Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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5. four

Chapter 4.

The guy with the gun jumps into a car behind us making things dangerous. I have no idea what is going on, Harry isn't talking to me, what do these guys want?! The man was really familiar.. Oh no.

Flash Back

I was getting my bags ready for tomorrow, my family and I were going to go to the little cabin in the woods like every summer.

" Violet? Come downstairs and meet my pal from work." My father calls from downstairs. I throw my last tank top in there and run down stairs. A tall man looks like in his mid 20's pretty hot.

"Vi, I like you to meet Ethan. Young but bloody good at shooting a gun. He's one of the youngest men that I've hired so far." He says to me, Ethan extends a hand out and I shake it.

"Ethan. This is my daughter Violet. She is very much trouble girl." I roll my eyes at my father and look back at Ethan. My father works at a Child/ Adult abductors, he usually finds out where missing people are.

"You go on upstairs, Ethan and I have stuff to talk about." My father says to me.

End of flashback

"Ethan.." I say lowly.

"What?" Harry says to me, now he talks son of a-

Another gun fires and shots through the front window, Harry drives past the other cars and drives faster. I hold onto the shoulder rest and tighten my grip. Another one hits on the side mirror of were I am.

Is my father trying to look for me or is he trying to kill me?

Harry takes a turn and he crashes into board buildings making it fall and hit the car Ethan is in. Harry drives off and I turn around to see smoke coming out of the car.

" what do they want?!" I yell at him. He stays quiet and turn on the music on blast, is he kidding right now I want to leave!


We get to the house and I get my damn bags that were on the back seat, looking at Harry's car all jacked up is funny, I chuckle. I walk inside the house and walk into our room... wait is it even 'our' room? Well anyways, I drop the bags on the floor and take this uncomfortable short dress off of me.

Louis was really good, I would rather live with him instead of Harry. Hell, I would love it there.

I get my undergarments and put them in the drawer where the others are. I get the Macy's bag and get my joggers and one of Harry's clean shirt. I get a clean pantie and bra and slip them on, I hear Harry clear his throat behind me and I turn around and look at my self in the mirror on how my panties and bra looks on me. I turn back around and show Harry. His eyes drag every inch of my body, I turn back around and slip the joggers on and his shirt. I love the way his shorts smell like pepper mint.

He gets on the bed and taps the spot next to him, I lay down on top of him my head on his chest and my hand on top of his stomach.

"You have to get to Child Control." He says to me and I just hum back. I really want to know why Ethan was after him..after us.

"You liked how Louis did you, huh?" If I say I did like it he would get mad, he's ok at it.

"No. He's okay on it, but you do it better Harry." I say and get my head off of his chest and I look at him. He smirks at me.

"Can you tell me why those guys were after you.. us." I correct my self.

"You." His green eyes looking through my brown ones. He wants me back where I belong, this.. job, prostitution I never wanted this. Harry forced me to have sex with him, he moved me away from my family I live in bloody Las Vages! Las Vages!

"Why can't I go back where I truly belong." I say sitting down a few inches away from and and wrap my arms around my legs.

"You don't like it here?" He asks. No.



"Well I want to leave, I never choose to be like this, Harry. I'm a prostitute and a fucking stripper who doesn't want this life anymore, you choose this life for me Harry and I won't never forgive you." I get up from the bed and slip some toms on.

"Where are you going?" He asks

"Don't worry about it." I say back I walk towards the door but Harry beats me to it.

"Your not going anywhere." He says through his teeth.

"Hell I am watch me." I say, I push him away and run out the door and make my way to the from door, I grab the car keys and run to his car. I get inside the car and turn it on Harry stands in front of the car and I drive away. To Louis.


Thank you all for reading this book! It really means a lot! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! The next one will be intresting. Have a lovely day/ night, take care. Umm... Can you guys comment what you like so far or enjoy it will mean so much.

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