Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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12. eleven



Chapter 11.



He stays on top of me for about thirty minutes, I am really upset that he came really, really late. Small snores fall from his mouth, I try to push him off of me but his grip tightens. I curse under my breath.


The next morning I woke up of Harry's phone going off, he groans and gets up, he gets his phone from his pants and answers it.


" 'ello?" He says in a raspy deep voice. He rubs his eyes with the back of his palm.


"She did what!" He shouts in a whisper, I keep my eyes shut and I know he is looking at me and very mad.


"You? Zayn?" Fuck. Louis is telling Harry the whole thing about last night.


"Fuck off. Find another girl to screw with Louis, she doesn't want you, she only wants you for your money you dickhead." He says through his phone. He hangs up the phone and puts tosses his phone on top of the bed.


"I know your not sleeping." He says, I open my eyes and sit up.


"How could you fucking do that! With Zayn and Louis!" He yells, I look away and shrug.




"Harry, you were gone all night! Drunk and then a girl comes knocking on the door and your fucking passed out! You don't even want me you just need me get you damn money!" I tell my chest raises and falls rapidly. His angry emotion fades and he frowns.


"Just don't do shit like that anymore." He says.


"How am I not suppose to do shit like this if it's my job, Harry!." I left my hands in the air I calm down before my thin patience lasts. "Last night. You asked me to marry me, I know you don't love me as much as me becoming your wife and living with you until... who knows." I throw my hands up between us.


"What are you talking about?" He says rubbing his temples. I get up from the bed and walk out the door and he follows me.


"I knew it. I knew you would forget." I say low, I grab the aspirin and give him two pills, I grab a glass of water and pass it to him.


"I don't remember shit from last night. Just when I was at the bar talking to that girl." My jealousy towards that girl get me so freaking angry.


"You fucked her last night didn't you?" I say in a disgust way, I cringe that he would nod but he doesn't.


"Vi, I love you. I would never fuck anyone else look at you." He says gesturing my entire body up and down and bites his lip. I lean on my left leg and small.


"But marriage isn't my thing." He says in a straight face.


Marriage is a big step and Harry wouldn't want me in his entire life. But I doubt he would change his mind on marrying me or anyone else, only me. He is amazing at times but then his mood swings quickly. So it might be a little hard to convince him to change his mind.


He walks away and goes to the living room to watch tv. I walk into the restroom when is pull my panties down I see a red stain. Oh, god. This isn't god. I pull it up and grab a clean one and run back to the restroom, I take the one I'm wearing and pull the clean one on I grab a tampon and plug.


I walk out of the restroom and toss the dirty pantie on the dirty clothes bin thing.


"Harry!" I am nervous to say that I can't "work" this week.


"What!" He shouts back, I groan that he's not going to get up from the couch and see what I want.


"Harry?" I say again.




"I can't work this week." I say he looks away from the tv and looks at me.


"Why? Your not.. Pregnant are you?" He says, I laugh and shake my head.


"I'm on my.. days." I say I look away from him


"Days?" He says confused." Are you sick?" Sick..


"I'm- I'm on my period this week." I say, my body heats up and mostly on my cheeks. A chuckle falls from his lips and counts the money that are in his hands, landing on the coffee table rapidly, he mumbles low how much there is in that big stack.




"Well, I can't work Harry.." I say almost the third time.


"Why?" He counts the other stack next to the counted ones.


"Oh my god." I pinch the tip of my nose.


"Unless you want blood on the sheets." I say while I give him a small shrug.


"Well..." He looks up at me, he is so beautiful those green eyes that can't leave and search another girls body but mine.


"Okay. I guess." He says, counting the money and mumble how much their is.


"Want to eat breakfast?"


He nods, gathers all the money and stands up from the couch, "Sure. I'll make the coffee." he says kissing me on my forehead. Why is he such in a  good mood. But I still love this Harry I wish he was always like this.


I get the pan out and get out some eggs, bacon, and whatever is edible in the fridge, I toss the bread that is getting hard and moldy, following with the ham and bologna. I turn on the stove and put the pan on top, I add very little of cooking oil and crack the eggs on the pan.


"So... How do you do this again?" he asks, the coffee pot in his hand and looks lost on what to do. I open the cabinet on top of the coffee maker and grab a coffee filter. I lift up the top and insert the filter.



"First you get this. Then you put it in here, then you get the coffee powder and put two spoon full in here.'' I say. His large hands travel my back, making my heart pump fast, he stands behind me and wraps his arms around me from behind. He moves my hair back and sucking on my skin right below my ear, making me shake. I slowly close the top of the coffee maker and he forces me to turn to him.


"I never had kitchen sex before, nor when someone's on their period, either." he purrs in my ear. Fuck he is so desperate and making me want him to do me here and right now. He lifts me up and sits me on top of the island counter. He kisses my chest, everywhere. Making my head fall back and moan his name. He digs inside his pockets and gets a condom.


"I have to. I have to take you here .Right now."

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