Unwanted Games || h.s fanfic ||

"Do you love me?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't know?"

"Yes! Harry, yes." I say through the window, the window that is deprecating us.

"Bail me out then."

"It's not that simple." I say getting up, tears running down.

"I promised!" He yelled

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9. eight


   Chapter 8.


 The feeling when he rubs me the tingling sensation, gets me weak to my knees his free hand holds my back," look at me Vi." he demands, I look up at him and I bite my bottom lip, his finger motion stops and he brings my lace panties down and he brings slides his finger inside me. The way his finger goes in and out of he leans down back to my boob and he slightly bites it, he brings his finger out and he wipes it on the material of his boxers.


  I lay down on the bed and he enters me slowly and goes back out he slides his top of his length, between my entrance he licks his fingers again and rubs me again. He goes in again and this time his length is hard and feels better. The images how Louis did me about an hour ago flows in my head and I tighten my grip on the mattress sheets. Harry stops from thrusting in and out of me," What did you just say?" Harry is still on top of me. What did I say?


"What?" I ask him I put my hands on his arms.


"You said Louis?" He gets off of me, and he gets his boxers off and cleans himself.


"Is there shit you want to tell me?" he says and brings his boxers up his legs.


"N-no." I lie


"Fuck, if I ever find any stuff your keeping away from me you'll get it." he says getting clean clothes and walking to the restroom.


 I lay in bed still naked and I cover my self with the thin cover, shit. Why am I thinking about Louis when Harry is fucking me? I hear the water run, why do I have to ruin things?


  Harry's P.O.V


 I turn the water on and I jump inside the shower, I duck my head and let the water hit the top of my head. Violet better not fuck with Louis or any of the boys if she does hell I won't hesitate to kill any one of them. They should know she is mine, well not technically mine but they should know that I fuck her.


 Fuck the way she is so tight around me when ever my cock goes deep in here, when she claws my back, when she moans my name when I come inside her. Fuck she makes me so fucking horny, even though she does the most simplest thing she makes me hard. I need to finish fucking her. I bring my hand on my dick and slowly pump up and down I lean my head back I push my hair back with my free hand and pump faster.


"Fuck." I say not to loud, I lean my head on the wall and keep pleasuring myself, even though Vi does it better.


 Violet's P.O.V


  I plop on my elbows when Harry comes out of the restroom," everything fine?" I ask him and he nods his head. He moves his hair back from his forehead and brings a beanie on his head.

"Where are you going?" I ask him.

"Don't worry about it." He says getting money from his drawer and digs it in his pocket. He leaves the room and closes the door.

Well, I shouldn't even worry about him, I bet he's gonna drink. I really don't like the idea that Harry sleeps with another girl, it really does bother me. I turn around to the night stand and see what the time is,' 9:48 ' I think I shod take bath or something. I walk past the bags from today and grab the Victoria's Secret bag , the one where my lingerie is and my new undergarments. I walk inside the restroom and leave the door unlock. I sit the bags on top of the toilet led and see Harry's towel on the floor I pick it up and put it hanging on the door knob.

I turn the shower on and grab a hair tie and put it into a messy bun. I open the shower door and close it behind me I let the water run, the water is to hot against my body the smoke covers the restroom. I wash my body with the body wash and rinse it with the warm water. I turn it off and stand there, thinking about my family, how Seth is if he even misses me. I wonder if anyone is on a search party for me. I sit down and have a little break down.

I get out of the shower and wrap the towel around my chest, I dry my body and my hair too. I grab the bag my undergarments are in and grab the matching bra and panties of cheetah printed. I clip my bra on and slip my panties on, I let go of my hair and I hear the doorbell ring. I open the door and walk to the front door, I look through the peephole and see Louis and the guy with nice hair, sexy much?

I open the door and their eyes drag every inch on my body. I forgot to put on my shirt.

"Yes boys?" I say, Louis bites his bottom lip and the other just stands there and looks at me.

"Vi, babe. Is Harry here?" I shake my head and offer them to come in, and they come in. They both sit down and I sit in front of them leg crossed and my finger twirl around my hair.

"So Vi, my friend here Zayn. Was wondering if you can-"

"Blow him?" I smile at him, he nods.

"Zayn? Well, I can offer you something." I say and bite my bottom lip.

"And what is that?" Zayn says to me.

"I can do anything instead of just blow you," I look both at the boys.

"Threesome?" I ask biting my bottom lip, they both look at each other.

"Would Harry mind?" Louis says I stand up and bend down to Louis.

"Harry? Remember what we did today Louis, he didn't say anything." He looks down at my boobs and I slowly bring my finger down to erection.

"But.. You have guys have to pay. A grand." I say, they both chuckle.

"A grand? 750." Zayn says

"950 that's all I'm taking, do you want me bad?" I slowly bring my finger down to the waist band of y panties and slowly bring them down. I stop they both look at the each other and say deal.

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