BFB(best friends bother)

When Violet starts having a crush on her best friends older brother, will she get her dream man or it not meant to be?


2. Violet's P.O.V.

           As I pulled into my friend Alli's driveway, she came running out of her house. After she jumped into the car I backed out and we headed to Rusty's house. When we pulled up, I saw the two familiar cars. One was the rusty blue pick up truck that belonged to Jace, Rusty's older brother and my crush. The other was the green four door that belonged to Rusty. We parked next to Rusty and walked to the front door, not bothering to knock. 

                  "We're here!" I yell, and Rusty jumps down from the stairs. 

                  "Hey." She says and hugs us both. "Food and soda are upstairs along with the movies. Ice cream is obviously in the freezer."

                 "That would be bad if it wasn't." Alli adds and I laugh at her. 

                 "Thank you Captain Obvious." I say and she grins. "Let's go upstairs."

          We follow Rusty up to her room and run straight into Jace. "Hey girls."

                  "Hey Jace." I smile and my cheeks flush. 

                  "How are you?" He asks.

                 "Good." I squeak out and he chuckles.

                "I'll see you ladies later." He says and walks downstairs. I sigh as we enter Rusty's room. I sit on her bed and put my bag in the floor. I hear my phone go off and unlock it. 

               "It's Taylor." I say to Alli and she looks up. "He invited us to his party. Should we go?"

               "Sure." Rusty says and I text him back.

               "He said he texted you." I tell Alli and she checks her phone. 

               "He did." She answers. 

               "Get ready." I say.




                Alli was wearing a cookie monster T-shirt with blue skinny jeans and converse shoes.Rusty put on a orange tank top with white skinny jeans and peach flats. I wore black and white striped skinny jeans a leopard crop top with dance written across it a black combat boots with gold studs. 

                       "You look hot." I tell Alli and she takes a selfie. 

                       "Mirror selfie?" I ask and Rusty pulls out her phone. We take a quick selfie and I look at it. "Will you send that to me?"

                      "Yeah." She answers and we leave the room. My phone goes off with the picture and I set it as my lock screen and wallpaper. "Jace will you give us a ride to Taylor's party?"

                      "Sure. Just make sure you're ready to leave at eleven. Your curfew is eleven thirty." He reminds us. Rusty hugs him and we walk out to his truck. 

            We climb into the bed as he starts the car. We pull out and wait til we arrive. 


            Let me tell you something, for a small town in Oklahoma Taylor throws some huge parties. We get out of the car and see Taylor out front. Alli tackles the poor guy and kisses his cheek. "I haven't seen you since school!"

                  "I know. Can I get up now?" He laughs with her. She helps him up and he wraps an arm around her waist. "Hey guys."

                  "Hey Taylor, is Andy here?" Rusty says automatically.

                  "Yeah, he's in the kitchen getting a soda." Taylor answers and Rusty practically runs into the house. I turn to see Jace standing next to me. 

                  "So, are any of my other friends here?" I ask.

                  "Yeah, JJ is in the back room with Shawn." He smiles.

                  "Thanks. I'll see you later." I say and rush into the house find my other friends. 

        I enter the back room and see JJ who hugs me. "Hey there short stack!"

                   "Hey Jack. Hey Shawn." I smile. Shawn nod as at me and I sit beside him. A moment later, Jace walks in and sits next to Jack. 

                  "So, how's school?" Jack asks me.

                 "Dude we're at a party and you're asking me about school?"

                 "Yes I am. But, put that question on hold. How's your love life?" He winks and I glare at him. "Just kidding! But really how's school?"

       Jace stares at me and I swallow. "Well, it's good. For school anyway. But, it's gotten pretty boring. After this I have one more year and I'm done."

                 "What about college?" Jace's voice makes me jump and he grins.

                "I don't know. Are you going?" 

                "Have you seen my grades?" He jokes and we laugh. "But, I don't think I am."

                "That's what half of us think." I answer and Shawn grins at me. 

        We stay there for about an hour, talking when I stand up. "I'll be back. I need a soda."

                "Hurry back." Jack says and I roll my eyes. I walk into the kitchen and grab a soda off the counter. When I feel hands on my waist. 

                "Hey Violet." Harley's deep masculine voice vibrates against my back.

               "Get off me Harley." I snap and shove him off. He grabs my arm as I try to shove past him. "Let me go."

                 "Come on Vi party with me. Let's go dance." He says and tries to tug me to the living room. 

                 "Harley I said let me go." I snap. 

                 "What's going on in here?" Jace's voice yells over the loud music and Harley instantly lets go.

                 "Nothing sir." Harley says and solutes him. I push past Harley and head to the back room. An arm grabs my shoulder and I spin around.    

                 "Are you okay?" Jace asks gently. I nod and feel the tears well up. I wipe them away and look up at him. 

                 "Thanks Jace." I smile and he nods hugging me.

                 "You got it. Let's get back to the guys." He says and he follows me back to the room. 

                 "What happened?" Shawn asks.

                "Harley." I say and he groans.

                "Did he touch you?" Jack asks angrily.

                "I took care of it." Jace says and we fall silent. I look at the time and look up at Jace.

               "It's 10:59. Let's go." I say. He nods and we go look for Alli and Rusty. 


          Five minutes later I found Rusty making out with Andy. Then Jace found Alli and Taylor dancing. I look at Rusty and whisper, "Let's be lucky he didn't find you first."

          She nodded and we get into the truck. They decide to sit in the bed and I crawl into the passenger's seat. Jace smiles at me and I grin. We drive back to their house and arrive two minutes before curfew. "Go upstairs Mom and Dad will be here any second!"

           We all run up to the rooms and change fast. The girls and I had put on sweats and T-shirts. We walk out and see Jace in a wife beater and and athletic shorts. I hear the only door open and see Mr. and Mrs. Mason walk in. "Hey kids."

              "Hi." We answer. 

              "What did you do tonight?" Mrs. Mason asks.

              "Just vegged." I answer and they smile.

              "Okay, well good night." We all sigh with relief when their door shut.

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