I Wish My Christmas Was Like There's.

A young girl named Alexis Smith had lived with her unpleasantness Grandmother from the day she was born. When Alexis was Little her mother was sick and passed away. As for her Father, he couldn't handle hes heart ace and commented suicide. As the days past, Alexis was turning sixteen and wanted to explore the town,but there was one problem....


1. Cleaning

“Please let me go i'm turning sixteen and i'm responsible” Alexis pleaded “NO, you no nothing about the world,now go do the dishes” Lula yapped “but Grandmother” Alexis begged “NO ALEXIS NOW GO DO THE DISHES AND GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW” Lula screamed frustrated. Later that night Alexis was looking out her window,the red and green lights dangling from the houses,the blanket of snow on the street, the bows tied to the street lights, and big Christmas tree in the middle of town. But the one thing that always gets Alexis’ attention was a family decorating a tree,eating family diner, and laughing. The next morning Alexis got up and saw her cat Able, “good morning Able” she yawned patting her cats head “i have a lot to do to day,and maybe when i’m done i will ask Grandmother one more time” she said full of hope. “ALEXIS” Lula called from kitchen, Alexis came running down the stairs to see Lula very furious. “why is there a mess everywhere?” “but Grandmother i cleaned everything before i went to bed” Alexis cried “you did? well this is not what i call cleaning up” Lula said walking out the door. “oh no, what happened, i’m sure i cleaned everything last night.” Alexis sighed “my life is like another Cinderella story, except with out a happy ending. I want a life of exploring, a life full of laughter and daring, but i’m stuck here cleaning” she cried. *ding*dong* Alexis ran to the front door “hello officer how may i help you?” Alexis asked the man in a sheriff outfit “yes ma’ma, is Mrs.Lula here?” he asked “no sir she left a couple hours ago” Alexis said “do you know where she might have went?” he asked “well no sir,she doesn't tell me anything” Alexis sighed “and who are you” he asked “i’m Alexis her granddaughter”Alexis said opening the door wide for the sheriff to come in “well thank you,Alexis” he said going to the sitting room “would you like some tea?” Alexis asks “oh no thank you” he says After about a few minutes of talking to the sheriff, the door bursts open “ALEXIS,WHY IS THERE STILL A MESS?” Lula screams walking in to see the sheriff “of sheriff what a pleasant surprise to see you” she said “ya huh, Mrs.Lula you’ll have to come with me.
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