Jasmine's Big Surprise

Jasmine's life is pretty perfect. That is, until she gets in a car wreck and loses all memory of both her best friend and her boyfriend. What happens when they go to extremes to try to bring her memories back? read and find out! (:


1. Crash

“Hey Jaz, could you pick up the stuff for the Christmas party on your way home from work? I won’t have time after school,” Savannah called from her bedroom while finishing straightening her hair. “Sure, I don’t get off until five though!” she called back, as she rushed through the house trying to find where she set her phone.“Alright, sounds good,” Savannah replied. Is Zayn coming to the party?” Jasmine questioned. “I don’t even know right know. He’s been such an ass lately,” she sighed, walking up the stairs as she shoved folders into her backpack. “Is he still accusing you of cheating?” Jasmine asked, grabbing her keys off the counter. “Yea, and it’s really pissing me off. I’ve never given him any reason not to trust me.” “Just talk to him and tell him that you love him and you’d never do anything to hurt him or to risk losing him. And tell him that you don’t know how your relationship is gonna work if he doesn’t start trusting you,” Jasmine advised. “Alright, thanks. See you around 5:30,” Savannah said. “Sounds good. Love you!” Jasmine called as she hurried out the door. Jasmine’s phone started ringing as she pulled into work. She saw that it was Louis and immediately answered.

Jasmine: “Hey, babe”

Louis: “Hey, beautiful. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night.”

Jasmine: “Me too. I miss you. But hey, I just pulled into work. Call you when I get home?

Louis: “Okay, love you.”

Jasmine: “Love you too.”


Jasmine pulled out of work, exhausted and headed to the store. She was about halfway there when Savannah called her.

Jasmine: “Hello?”

Savannah: “Hey, are you almost home?”

Jasmine: “I’m on my way to get the stuff for the party. Did you talk to Zayn?”

Savannah: “Not yet, I asked him to come over at seven so that we can talk.”

Jasmine: “Alright, I’m gonna ask Louis if he wants to hangout tonight so I probably won’t be home when Zayn comes over.”

Savannah: “Okay. I really hope that we make up, I hate fighting with him.”

Jasmine: “I’m sure you wi- (Screams)

Savannah: “Jasmine?!”




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