Jasmine's Big Surprise

Jasmine's life is pretty perfect. That is, until she gets in a car wreck and loses all memory of both her best friend and her boyfriend. What happens when they go to extremes to try to bring her memories back? read and find out! (:


2. Aftermath

"Oh, no!" Savannah thought worriedly, dialing Louis' phone number.

Louis: "Hello?"

Savannah: "Louis! I was on the phone with Jasmine and I heard a crash and then it went silent!"

Louis: "What?! I'm gonna call 911" (panic in his voice)

savannah: "Okay, I'll head to the hospital.

They hang up and Savannah and Louis both rushed to the hospital. "Is Jasmine okay?!" Savannah exclaimed in a panic as soon as she spotted Louis outside the room that she had been told was Jasmine's. "Most likely, the doctor told me that she has a 95% chance of living. As long as her brain activity remains where it is, she should make a full recovery," Louis explained, cleary worried. "Okay, I'm so relieved. I don't know what I would do without my best friend. Can we go and see her now?" Jasmine questioned. "Not yet. The doctor said we have to wait until he comes and gets us. They're still running tests," Louis told her, as they walked towards a pair of chairs against the walls.


"So how are you and Zayn?" Louis asked two hours later as he sipped his coffee. "Not too great, actually," Savannah replied, frustrated. "What's going on?" Louis asked, concerned. "It's nothing," she sighed. "You can tell me," he said, sympathetically. "Well, he saw me hugging my cousin and he jumped to conclusions," she explained sadly. "He thinks you're cheating on him?" Louis asked, surprise ringnig in his voice. Savannah nodded, blinking tears away. "Well, have you told him that it was your cousin?" "I keep trying, but he won't even give me the chance to explain. And it really hurts me that he thinks that I would cheat on him, I've never given him any reason not to trust me. And I just don't know how we can have a relationship with no trust," she told him as the doctor walked towards them. They both immediately looked up at him expectantly. "How is she?" Savannah questioned fearfully. "It's not great news, but it could also be way worse," the doctor began. They both nodded for him to go on and he continued, "She's finally woken up,and due to the impact to her head, it seems that she's dealing with some memory loss. And I know that that sounds bad, but she's going to be okay so that's definitely something to be thankful for," he explained. "All of her memories are gone?" Louis asked, hoping that he had heard wrong or that he would wake up any second and realize that it was all simply a terrible nightmare. But that wasn't the case, he had heard right and this was real. He was about to walk into a room and his girlfriend was going to have no idea who he even was and that terrified him. "Not all of her memories are gone, she woke up thinking it was the middle of 2012, so she's lost about two and a half years," the doctor explained. "I'll give you two a minute to let this sink in and then you're welcome to go in and see her," the doctor said, walking away. Louis turned back to Savannah, "She's not gonna know who I am," he said, defeatedly. "You guys met three years ago," Savannah said. "Yea, but we didn't start dating until a year and a half ago," he sighed. "Well, at least she'll know who you are, so you won't be a complete stranger. She won't even know who I am. We met at the end of 2012," Savannah said. "I guess you're right. I'm sure her memory will come back though," Louis said assuringly. "I hope so. Let's go see her," Savannah said as they stood up and walked towards her room. They opeed the door and she was lying a bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines and tubes. "Louis?" Jasmine asked, slowly sitting up. "Yea, Jaz, it's me. How are you feeling?" "I've been better. Are you Louis' new girlfriend?" she asked, nodding her head at Savannah. Tears filled Savannah's eyes and she tried to blink them away, but she couldn't keep them from falling. She ran out of the room as the tears streamed down her face, leaving Jasmine with a confused look on her face as Louis ran after Savannah.

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