If only he knew

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12. chapter 8

Samantha P.O.V

Later at the beach Calum decided we should build a bonfire because it was getting pretty chilly at night. Michael said that we should pop the fireworks soon because it was already 8:30.

The fireworks were beautiful. I sat around the fire and and just stared at the stars. Brooke and Albert where talking and laughing, ash,cal, and Michael where just playing around. Luke and Autumn where kissing as always. ' I can't wait to see Elaine and Kailyn ' I said to my self.

{in the morning}

Me and Brooke fell asleep on our chairs,and the boys fell asleep on the sand. Luke and Autumn where asleep together.

I Decided to go for a walk on the beach so I woke up Brooke and told her where I was going so she wouldn't be worried, and i'm pretty sure she will tell Albert so I don't wake him.

'Wow' i said as a saw the sun rise. It was beautiful.

I walked a little more until I decided to go back, and see if everyone is awake.

When I got there Luke was the only one awake.

"Hey" i said kanda low because I didn't want to wake anyone

"Hey--you look good" he said smiling at me

"Are you joking I look like a mess" i said joking

"No no I think you look beautiful"

" thank you" I said nervous as hell

All I want to do is hug him but I can't because if I do he will think I'm weird.

"We'll I got to go get cleaned up I'll talk to you latter" i said about to walk away but Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me to his chest and wrapped his arms around me

I was shocked but also happy because I really wanted this so I hugged him back and wow he smells really good even if he's been laying on the sand.

"Luke...Luke you're crushing me" I said joking so he can let go.

"I'm sorry I just have been wanting to do that" he said looking down

"Why" his Face was so close to mine like I can kiss him right now

"Because I-I um like y-you" he stuttered

"Luke I like you to but you have a girlfriend" I said with a frown on my face. And be for I new it his lips touched my lips and his kiss was so gentle and soft I love it.

"But I want you".

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