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11. chapter 7****

Luke's P.O.V

When Samantha came out of her House she looks so pretty. What am I thinking do I like her I really don't know. No I don't like her I like Autumn she's beautiful, but Samantha is beautiful too, No Luke stop.

Samantha P.O.V

Why did Luke have to pick the beach. I'm really insecure about my body. About a year ago I stopped eating just to lose weight, but I'm ok now it's just I still think I'm really fat.

"Hey guys this it my cousin (btw he is 17) " I said

"Hey" they all said except for Autumn

"Samantha I didn't know you would where a bikini since you have a body like that" Autumn said laughing and I just rolled my eyes and tried to ignore what she said even though I was still sad

{15 min latter}

"All right guys I need to get some ice for the drinks" Luke said

" Sam do you want anything from the store" my cousin asked

"Umm no I'm fine" I said looking at my belly then back at him

"Samantha but you always get something from the store" he said concern

"I'm not hungry" I simply said

"Samantha The last time I heard those words you stop being and I don't want that to happen again" he said sadly

" I'm sorry I just feel so fat" i sad as my eyes got watery

"You are not fat ok you are beautiful the way you are". He said smiling at me

" fine get my whatever you think I like" I said with a fake smile

"Ok I'll be back"

(7mim latter)

"Here you go" he said handed me a bottle of water with some chips

"Thanks"is all I said

(Skip the car ride)

"Alright everybody we are here" Luke said getting out the car

Everybody run out the car and went to go find a good spot where we can set up. I went to go get some of the stuff like the chairs and the sunscreen because you cannot forget about the sunscreen.

"Hey need help" Luke said coming out of no where

"Yep" I said pointing to the ice chest

"Ok" he said grabbing the ice chest

(At our spot)

All the boys are in the except for Albert where in the water Brooke was on the sand sitting next to Him. I don't now why but I think she likes him. I was sitting on my chair and Autumn was sitting on hers and the good thing is that she hasn't been bothering me because she was to focus on getting her tan.

"Hey Samantha come in the water with me" Luke said holding out his hand

"Um no I'm ok" I said looking at him

"Um Luke why didn't you ask my instead" Autumn said acting like she was sad.

"Autumn do you want to come in the water with me" Luke said annoyed

"No I'm mad now" she said sitting back done

"Come on Samantha come have some fun" he said making a pouty face

" I'm-um-" I was cut off because Luke had picked me up and ran to the water.

"NO LUKE" I yelled "PUT ME DOWN" I yelled again

"Ok" he said dropping me in the ice cold water

"It's so cold" I said

"You get used to it" he said giggling

"Get on my back we are going deeper" he said putting my on his back

"No I can't swim in the deep" I said scared

"It's ok I got u I won't let go" he said holding my lags from the front

"Ok I think this is deep enough" he said laughing

"Yep" is all I said

All the boys swim to us,and we all started talking,and I was still on Luke's back. My heart was beating so fast because I was still cold.

Autumn called Luke over so he handed me to Ashton. All the boys where kinda fighting over me because they wanted to carry me. Ashton started splashing water on the boys and the boys did it as we'll.

Calum jumped on Ashton and I had slipped off of him. I got so scared because I couldn't touch the ground. Then all of a sudden I felt hands wrap around my waist it was Michael he had put me on his back and I was glad that he caught me.

"Are you ok you went under water and I got Scared Luke would've killed me if anything had happened to you" he said scared

"I'm fine thank you" I said Shy.

"Hey let's go sit" he said walking to shore

"Ok" I said

When I was finally able to walk on my own I ran to my phone and I got I text from Elaine 'yay'

It read

E- hey are you Busy I need to tell you something

S- what's up

E-we'll you know how Spring break is coming up right

S- yep why

E-since your birthday is so Close to spring break my dad said that he is going to get me a plane ticket to come and visit you in Australia for your birthday

S- omg I so happy right now that's awesome I can't wait to see you

E- I know me ether and btw Kailyn is coming along to and she is so exited

S- that's sooo awesome my 2 Best friends are coming to Australia for my birth day

E- I know. Hey I have to go see you soon bye

S- bye

Omg I can't wait to see them this is so awesome and I'm so happy.

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