If only he knew

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8. chapter 6!!!!!!

Samantha P.O.V

So I just found out that my cousin Albert is coming to stay with us for two months and he is getting here on Friday. Which is pretty awesome because he's really cool and nice and he help me through a lot of things. I decided I'm going to tell Luke and his friends about my cousin coming over and see if we can all hang out you know because I don't want him hanging out with just me. He need to hang out with some boys.

I walked over to Luke's house because he he's just next-door. He was outside just sitting there on his phone. 'He's so cute' I said to myself.


"Oh hey Samantha what's up"

"Um my cousin is coming to visit us for 2 months and I was thinking we could all hang out and you could tell the boys and I'm going to tell my friend Brooke"

" oh ok that's sounds like a plane we could go to the beach" he said smiling

" yup that sounds really fun and maybe at the beach we could pop same fireworks"

"Yeah that's cool and can my girlfriend come"

As soon as he said that my smile want to a frown, but I don't want to be rude.

"Why not" I said not so happy but sad

"Ok awesome"

"Um ok I have to go now but see you on Friday" I said with a fake smile

" ok and I we can rid in my car and I will pick you up"

" ok "

[skip to Friday]

So my cousin just got here and I'm so excited. (btw he's 17)

"Hey!!!" I yelled

"Hey how are you" he said hugging me

"I'm awesome and you need to get ready because we are going to the beach with some of my friends" I said smiling

"Oh ok wow I just got here and you already have stuff planned" he said laughing

" you know me already planned ahead for anything" I said joking

" yup that's my cousin" he said

" alright let's go inside so we can get ready for the beach" I said excited and running inside

{almost time to leave}

I'm almost done getting ready I just can't find my cover up. I wore my blue and White bikini with my hair in a messy bun and some white sandals, my cover up is Black but I can't find it.

"Brooke have you seen my cover up" I yell

" is it all black" she replied


" here you go" she said throwing at me

" thanks" I said

" hey are y'all ready" Albert yelled from downstairs

"Yup" me and Brooke said at the same time as we we're walking downstairs

"Ok good because I think they are here" he said looking outside

" ok let's go" Brooke said smiling at Albert

Brooks P.O.V

There is something about Samantha cousin that I really like, and I really haven't felt this way in a long time. I hope he likes me back. He's cool and so calm and he really cares about Samantha which I think is really sweet.

Sorry for the chapter being so long but thank you for all the support and all the good comments and likes

Love you guys

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