If only he knew

Just read and find out what happens ��


7. chapter 5!!!!!!!

Samantha P.O.V

After school ended Brooke decided she would come over to my house.

"So what happened to you at school I saw you crying" Brooke said

" we'll you know Luke right" I said

" yep what about him"

" I-I think I like him" I said worried about what she's going to say

" you do!!!"

" yeah I didn't want to tell you because I thought you would judge me"

"I would never judge you we are practically best friends now"she said laughing

"Yeah I guess you're right" I said smiling

"Come on"she said running to my House

Brooke and I stayed up really late so we decided not to go to school tomorrow. We were talking about boys and all I could think about is Luke.

Brooke told me that Luke and Autumn been together for 2 years, and that Autumn cheated on Luke but she begged him to stay with her,and he did.


I woke up to my dad saying " honey are you going to school today"

"No Dad I went to sleep very late and I have a friend over"

" oh ok well come downstairs me and your mother have to tell you something"

" Brooke wake up my mom and dad needs me"

" they need you not me" she said Half awake

" I now but if you come with me they will be Nice to me please" I begged

"Fine" she yelled but in a silly way

Me and Brooke walked downstairs and saw my mom and dad eating

"Sit honey and I will serve your friend-" I cut her off

"Brooke mom her name is Brooke"

"Oh.....ok" she said smiling

"Soo what's up what did you need to tell me"

" we'll Albert is coming to stay with us for two months" my dad said

"Really that's awesome" I said

"Who's Albert" said Brooke

" he's my cousin don't worry he's pretty cool"

"Oh ok" she said eating

" soo when is he coming"

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