If only he knew

Just read and find out what happens ��


6. ~Chapter 4~

Samantha's POV

I was walking in the hallway, and I saw Luke I was going to walk up to him until I got pushed to the floor and my books went everywhere. I got up to see who it was, it was Autumn, but why would she push me what did I ever do to her.

"Oops I didn't see you there" Autumn said laughing with her friends

"Hey are you ok" Brooke says handing me my books

"I'm fine you should go to class you don't want to be late" I say a little sad

"It's fine I'll help you get to your class and beside my teachers love me" she says smiling

"Fine" I say smiling but a little sad

As I got up I see Luke and Autumn kissing. I don't know why I was so sad. I have never felt this way.

"Hey you ok" Brooke says worried.

"Yup I'm fine" that's when I felt a small tear on my cheek.

"You can tell me" Brooke's says and I'm happy that she cares.

" I..I will tell you later ok because this is my class"

"Oh ok talk to you later"

I don't really want her to know about my feeling for Luke, but she's a really good friend so I guess I will.

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