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5. chapter 3!!!

Samantha P.O.V

The next day I had to go to school,and that's the hard part.

I let down my hair and brushed it, next I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I wore a simple shirt and my black pants with my Convers. After that I went downstairs stairs to greet my family. I said my goodbyes and I was out the door. As I was walking I Heard someone call my name. I turned around to see Luke.

"Hey wanna walk to school with me I don't want to be lonely" he said giggling and so was I.

"Sure why not" I said nervously.

As we got to the school a girl runs up to Luke and kissed him. Was I mad, no I was Completely shattered as soon as she kissed him. Luke stop kissing her and turn to me.

"Hey Autumn this is Samantha" Luke said still looking at me.

"Come on Luke" Autumn said rudely. She gave me a ugly look and I just walked away. I'm not one of those girls who would stand up for themselves, i'm a girl who's always nervous and doesn't know what to do when something bad so going on, I'm a loser.

As I was walking in the hallway I bumped into this girl. I thought she was going to be really mean to me,but instead she turned out to be really nice.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you" she said sweet.

"It's ok I'm Samantha"

"Oh hi Samantha I'm Brooke"

Me and Brooke have a lot in common. I'm glad I at least made one friend today. Brooke is so pretty she has blonde hair and blue eyes. I wish I was that pretty.

This chapter that I just did deleted 3 time, but I will do anything for you guys and I'm going to try and post a new chapter soon

Thank you


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