If only he knew

Just read and find out what happens ��


4. chapter 2

Samantha P.O.V

We arrived to our new house I was really impressed and I really didn't expect my new home being so beautiful

From the inside was even more beautiful my mom showed me where my room was and I loved it The walls were blue and white my favorite colors I had went to the backyard to get some air it was really hot out so I put on some short shorts

I was outside sitting on the bench when I hared music playing I got up and looked over the fence I saw 4 really cute boys. Should I go up and say hi or should I just stay here."ugh" I'm going.

As I was walking I kept singing that song they were playing just a minute ago "you don't need him I'll have you get over it,just saying just saying

When I got there I said "hi" with a smile. They all turned and said "hi" at the same time. "Hey I'm Luke, and that's Ashton, Michael, and Calum" he said smiling and I blush. "So you just moved here" Ashton said all happy. "Yup" is all I said. There was an awkward silence. " I heard you guys playing and y'all sounded Great". "Thank and I never got your name" Luke said. I smiled nervously. "I'm Samantha" he smiled and said "what a pretty name"

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