believe in the spirit of christmas

harper loves the christmas carols and all the christmas spirit she has the best christmas on december 25th 2005



the night before christmas harper got in her christmas pajamas she loves christmas her grandma is old and is gonna pass away at least thats what she is afraid of but the christmas spirit gives her hope she cried as she brushed her beutiful long blonde hair she buttoned her shirt she only weared these pajamas on the night before christmas they had santa clause riding on a sleigh and the words printed on it is hope love and spirit her grandma gave it to her 4 years ago she went to bed hoping st.nickalas wont forget her and her grandma will be in hers familys hearts forever she hoped she would dream of sugarplums her mom promised that she would call grandma she went to bed she loved waking up jumping up and down and seeing all the presents wrapped in red and green

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