A Christmas Snow

This is my christmas poem for the competition hope u like it!


1. A christmas Snow

A Christmas Snow

Like paper angels falling softly from an open sky above
They swivel down precision cut from a heaven full of light
Canopying the street like diamond glitters gauntlet glove 
They cloak the grounds in snow n’ welcome Christmas flight
With eyes agape I wander and feast awake in splendored love

The scene before me wraps enfolds, and slowly turtles time
As bare trees stand at arms to watch the downing of the night
The carollers on stairwells sway, with wafts of scented pine
Singing songs that carry on, while all seems crisp and bright 
Beneath a Christmas snow of glow, a babe is swaddled fine

The hollies with their glossy leaves are redder than fine wine
The silver tops of Christmas trees are reaching for the moon
Electro dipped with bulbs of gold, they’re fired up with shine
When all is set on whitely snow, I hear the church bells tune
As Angel trumpets play in soft, oh yes they’re friends of mine

It’s Christmas snow that brings the joyous feel to all 
As Merry Christmas cheers are heard, from one and all.

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