Divergent A Faction?

Divergent creates their own faction and forms a union to be the leader of all of the factions. Read on for more information.


3. Why?

Tris: What is so bad with the Divergent being in the factions they chose or will chose? What is so bad with all of the factions having a few people that are Divergent? What is so bad with that? You are treating us like we are this creature that needs to be killed and abandoned.

Tobias: What is so bad with the five factions we have now?

Tobias's Mom: If you two would let me talk I will tell you both why there needs to be one more faction in the city.

Tris: Go on.

Tobias's Mom: If the Divergent have a faction, they will be unstoppable. We will have the smarts from Erudite. The brave from Dauntless. The people that tell the truth from Candor. The suppliers of the food from Amity. The kind that do things for others more than thereselves from Abnigation. We will have a perfect union that can be treated with respect.

Tris: How are you planning on getting everyone on board with this plan and getting all of the Divergent into a faction. Even if you do, how will you force the Divergent at the chosing ceremony to chose Divergent. How will you stop the normal people who aren't Divergent from chosing Divergent and being posers.

Tobias's Mother: I guess I will need some help. That is where you two come in.

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