Divergent A Faction?

Divergent creates their own faction and forms a union to be the leader of all of the factions. Read on for more information.


2. Six?

Tobias: Mom, you can't do this! You can't!

Tris: You can still be Dauntless with me though.

Tobias's Mom: Actually, neither of you can be Dauntless.

Tris: What?

Tobias's Mom: Every Divergent will be put in the Divergent faction. Either happily or agianst your will, you will both go there. You both will be the leaders. We have room for five leaders. You both have the choice to be a leader. You do not have to except my offer, but I believe you will be good leaders.

Tobias: You can't force us to switch factions.

Tobias's Mother: Yes I can. Ever since Janene died, I have taken over the factions. I have taken over the city.

Tris: I don't know if it is such a good idea to create another faction where every Divergent id forced to go.

Tobias's Mother: I think it will be an oppertunity to take over the city with my army of Divergent. We will create a union to be the rulers of the cuty.

Tobias: Take over the city?\

Tris: What are you planning on doing when you are in power of the city.

Tobias's Mother: Could I trust you if i told you? You might ruin my plans and reveal them to all of the factions. They could stop me and keep all of the Divergent.

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