Divergent A Faction?

Divergent creates their own faction and forms a union to be the leader of all of the factions. Read on for more information.


4. Power?

Tobias: What do you mean by, "that is wher we come in?".

Tobias's Mother: Well since I am not a Divergent, I need help from some to get this faction into order.

Tris: Get this faction in order?

Tobias's Mother: Yes, you know, getting a building, creating jobs. Someone has to do that.

Tobias: If I will do this, could I be in charge of the control room?

Tobias's Mother: Oh, you will be in charge of much more than that. You will be in charge of everyone except the other leaders. Okay?

Tris: I don't know about this, Tobias.

Tobias: Yah, how do we know that this isn't all a scam do become your Divergent servents.

Tobias's Mother: You are my son, Tobias. I'd tell you if that was what I am doing. But I'm not, so don't worry.

Tris: Something feels wrong about this plan.


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