Divergent A Faction?

Divergent creates their own faction and forms a union to be the leader of all of the factions. Read on for more information.


1. 6 Factions?

"What!", said Tris loudly. "You can't do that! It's always been the five factions! Don't change it now! You will ruin everything if you do that!". "Do what?" said Tobias butting in to my conversation with his mother. "Make a change in this town." said Tobias's mother. "What kind of a change?" asked Tobias curiously.

Tobias's Mother: Something big.

Tobias: What do you mean by big?

Tris: Just calm down and let her tell you.

Tobias: Okay, fine!

Tobias's Mother: I want to add a faction.

Tobias: A FACTION!

Tobias's Mother: A faction.

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