Liams bed vs louis heart

As I woke up I could fell an arm still lazily leaning over my bare body, SHIT' I promised myself this was the last time!.
I woke up next to the one and only Liam Payne! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! He will be so embarrassed when he wakes up haha, I looked under the covers just enough to see he was completely Naked..
The real problem is here, I don't even really like Liam, i just know louis wouldn't ever want me, well not if he found out anyways..


3. broken hearts and broken tables


I sat down blank expression on my face to hide the pain from the toucherous noises I could hear from Liam's room, DOES HE HAVE TO ALWAYS DO THIS? He said they were 'JUST FRIENDS' hahhaha my Ass Mate! He's always been about the fuck. It's just well I told him, I like Anna... And he even agreed she's his bestfriend and that it needed to stop,so why did lastnight and well the noises from upstairs say currently still happening' happen? Did I ever even stand a chance? I could fill my face growing hot with anger. My eyes wanted to cry, only Anna could do this to me. I ignore my feelings and started to pick at my food.. Liam's sex life was leaving me rather sick, usually I could eat the entire kitchen in the morning.

As the noises ended and the rest of the boys came to sit at the table my appetite grew slowly back. But it all went again as I seen her slowly walk down the stairs, she was looking spectacular but knowing it will never belong to me causes a pain nobody needed to see. I sat with my hands over my face.. "Arugh I'm so tired" I tried to sound convincing. FUCKING LIAM PAYNE ALWAYS FIRST! In music and women, the only thing I bet him at was being born first!

As Anna sat down at the table it felt a sense of awkwardness, Really again? Why does she always do this! She deserves so much better then him as a boyfriend, I agree Liam is a great friend I mean he's one of my main boys.. But for her? Really?

Guess by now it's a little obvious I was jealous, I mean look at her with those blue eyes amazing smile, her hair was dark brown and just hung around her waist. Anna was perfect.


A solid tear ran down my face and I'm pretty sure he saw it, he simply looked away and attempted to stare at the roof, I wish he would just tell me it's okay.. "I'm Actully pretty tired guys, so I think I'm gonna go home and rest for the day. Anyways I need to feed my cats and make sure they survived another night without me" I claimed quickly trying to avoid another second at the table. I felt so bad leaving in a rush but I couldn't stand feeling like the worthless whore I knew deep down I was.

"WELL ANNA WE ALL KNOW WHY YOUR FUCKING TIRED, THANKS TO YOU WE ALL ARE! SO WHY DO YOU GET TO SLEEP ALL FUCKING DAY THEN HEY??!" The voice screamed at me, I broke Louis voice wasn't what I expected. I hated when the boys were angry but knowing I was the cause of him to be soo wound up. I turned to look at his face, Louis had a face of deep red turning almost purple and as I went to walk over he picked up the table and threw it,Leaving it looking extreamly weightless and mildly fucked up. The table wasn't the issue here though.

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