Liams bed vs louis heart

As I woke up I could fell an arm still lazily leaning over my bare body, SHIT' I promised myself this was the last time!.
I woke up next to the one and only Liam Payne! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! He will be so embarrassed when he wakes up haha, I looked under the covers just enough to see he was completely Naked..
The real problem is here, I don't even really like Liam, i just know louis wouldn't ever want me, well not if he found out anyways..


5. Beds of Balconys


As I began to open my eyes I took in my surroundings, by the looks I've fallen sleep on the balcony again. I looked across the side of the balcony, sometimes I just look at her balcony and imagine her there. I imagine the way she would smile and tell me that's she's done with Liam and that she really only wants me.

Watching her sleep... Well atleast I hope she's sleeping hahaha, I wouldn't want her think think I was creeping on her.. Crazy any teenage girl would love that, but I guess not her.

I decided I didn't care, I wanted to talk to Anna so with every once of strength I got up and walked over to her house.. All the way there.. 'Next Door'

I went to knock but then I realised 'she's asleep!'.. Being 1/5 of her bestfriend I knew exactly what to do. Key under then doormat.. Silly human everyone knows that..

I took the key, and unlocked the door.

This was it, either she slaps me and tells me to fuckoff or I might finally get to know my real chances with her! Oh how I wish I could just be with Anna!

I walked into her house and up the stairs into her room, right at the second I stopped.. I was Actually scared.. I couldn't do it. I walked out her room and down stairs again, I didn't leave though as I just simply couldn't bring myself to walk out.

I decided to make myself a cup of tea and before I knew it I had made tea crumpets bacon and eggs all for Anna, gosh did I think she was Niall? She's not going to love me anymore just because she's got a fully stomach..

I piled the food up, I climbed each stair careful not to make a single noise. I wanted Anna to be surprised, I wanted her to smile and just be happy and maybe even hopefully forgive me.

I opened her door and walked into her room, her bed was still empty and the balcony door open.. I walked outside to her fast asleep wrapped in a blanket, she looked so perfect. I sat the food on her table and I quickly ran to find her guitar I knew was hiding in her room., I had an idea it was something I knew she would love.

I started to sing, Little things.. It was her favourite and it was incredibly relevant.

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