Liams bed vs louis heart

As I woke up I could fell an arm still lazily leaning over my bare body, SHIT' I promised myself this was the last time!.
I woke up next to the one and only Liam Payne! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! He will be so embarrassed when he wakes up haha, I looked under the covers just enough to see he was completely Naked..
The real problem is here, I don't even really like Liam, i just know louis wouldn't ever want me, well not if he found out anyways..


2. Always awkward breakfast

Liam for up not bothering to cover any of his pride and glory, while walking towards the bathroom. " hey Anna! Shower time?" Liam said trying to look all seductive.. WOW.. Liam's body was surly freaking great but sex while sober? I wasn't sure I could deal with it

" Anna!! Come on it's not like we didn't already do it a million times? Just come in I'll help wash your hair" oh crap, Liam knew exactly what he needed to say to get me to want to climb in the shower.. I love getting my hair washed and more the that I love sweaty shower sex!

I didn't need that much convincing to get in, basically I just had to take my bra and dress of considering I already left Liam with my undies In his bed. "Liam.. It's just, well sometimes I have trouble you see? Do you think you'd be able to help me wash myself? I mean sometimes I just don't feel clean enough.. Sometimes no matter how hard I scrub I'm still left feeling just a little hot and Dirty!" I bit down on the side of my lip and leaned against the wall leaning one leg more the the other, and that's all I needed to do..

Liam wrapped his arms quickly around me and I felt his grip tighten and he lifted me so I was against the wall completely held by him alone. The shower wall was cold on my butt but his body was steaming, I kisses his neck upwards searching for his mouth, once I eventually got to it, I began to kiss him.

Kissing Liam wasn't exactly passionate but it was steamy. There was certainly fire within us but unfortunately never any love.

As our tongues searched eachothers mouths, I found my mouth searching downward, I lead a trail of kisses down his neck and torso and ended up with my head at his waist length. I loved this part. He never wanted to wait, but I like making him wait. Im sure I pressed my lips against every inch of his stomach and lower groin before getting as close as he would probably like me to his length, I then looked to him, Liam opened his eyes and licked his lips seductively before letting out a low grown followed by " oh Anna! Just such my rock hard cock already babe". This is how I knew I had done my job to content, he was teased.. I then grabbed him by the shaft and began to slowly lick the Precum off the top of his knob, I then put the shaft into my mouth and attempted to suck, it wasn't The easiest job considering how obscenely large he was! I began to suck him in my mouth hearing him moan all sorts of noises, he loves when I grab his ass and slap it during head. While I attempted to grab his bum he pulled out of my mouth, I looked disapointed, wasn't I good enough?? But then I realised it was my turn.!

He pulled me back up agasint the wall, he wrapped my legs around his stomach and began to lightly nibble on the nipples and he sucked on my left nipple he then reached inside my thighs. He proceeded to run his hands down my inner thighs, he loves when he makes me ask him to so something, "Liam stop teasing me you stupid prick just touch me" I screamed pulling on a small tafft of his hair.. I felt him slide a finger inside of me, he rubbed my clit in circular motions as he pumped his finger inside me, the wetter I got so he could add another finger. Two fingers pumping within me and him still rubbing my clit, I forgot we shared this house with people and screamed probably loud enough to wake the neighbours neighbours up. He laughed and put his free hand against my mouth.

"LIAM STOP! Just stop! CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE I NEED MORE!" I screamed I mean I loves the feeling from the magic touch of his fingers but nothing matches up to his length! I was soon satisfied when he grabbed me and turned my around before inserting his length between my legs and began working his magic member inside me! I swear one direction have a 6th member ;)

He thrusted hard and believe me when I say it hurt! But baby for all real pleasure you need a little pain! I turned around and thrusted deeper into him and before I knew it he was screaming louder then I had Before. "ANNNNNNNAAAA" he moans loud enough for the man on the moon to hear. I let out a huge moan followed by a loss of mobility in my legs due to climax, " fuck me Liam! IM COMING!" I screamed as I felt him begin to shake and then I felt it, the warm liquid fill the inside of me.. He's done, and be stuffed he if he thinks after that he's getting away from washing my hair! ;)

After the shower we both got dressed and decided to go down stairs for breakfast.. Not to our surprise everyone was already awake.... "GOOOOOOOOD morning yes?" Harry laughed at us both. We both just smiled and laughed, Liam and I weren't exactly a strange thing cause of how often it happened but it wasn't exactly something we want or plan.

Sex with Liam is something that I love but nothing I need, an the one thing I need is somthing that couldn't ever possibly happen. I needed love, but the person I love well that's silly haha they wouldn't even look at me.

I turned around an took a long deep glance careful not to meet the eyes of the man wholes stolen my heart. What I saw deluded me with guilt, Louis looked miserable and only I knew why. FUCK SAKE ANNA WHY DO YOU DO THIS!!! GOSH I SWEAR IM SO STUPID. Louis an me had been talking all week, and to think I may have finally had a chance.. Well defiantly not now. I wanted to cry I can't help it, ever since I first looked into his eyes, since I Hurd his chirpy voice laughing along with his amazing humour. There was nothing I could do, I was in love with Louis Tomlinson.

AN- EVERYONE APOLOGIES IF THIS WASNT GOOD OR IS TOO MUCH FOR EVERYONE... Feed back would be lovely xoxo also please read my other fanfics xoxo

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