An Orphaned Christmas

What would you do if you didn't have a family? Or if you spend your Christmas in A Children's Home with ten other kids. I do that every year. My name is Lucie. And my mission is to a have a family to spend Christmas with, if not get adopted by. In two weeks.


2. The Christmas Wish

Some of the children at this home weren’t the whole ticket, unlike me they weren’t just dumped as a child at someone’s doorstep, they went through actual hardship. Some children were hurt and harmed by their parents, they were abused, they were kicked out of their own home but, more than that, they were proven by their parents that they weren’t loved. Whereas I, I know that my parents love me, and only had to dump me because of hardship.

And that’s why we’re home tutored, so the people with difficulties won’t get ridiculed and teased. O after eating my breakfast I grabbed a book and I read in my room until one, and then make my way to Marks office. I didn’t have classes until two so I kind of wanted to get my meeting with family three set up.

“Hey Mark, an you set me a meet up with the third family please?” I asked

“Yeah, of course. I’ll try to set it up for Saturday.” He said not looking up from his computer.

I took that as a sign that I wasn’t wanted and I left.


It was Saturday morning and I was a bag of nerves, I was wearing just some casual jeans with a t-shirt with a video game slogan on. After barely eating my Nutella on toast I bounced back up to my room to attempt to straighten a frizz bomb that is my hair.

“Lucie-marie, the family is here!” I heard Mark yell. And with that I dropped my book not caring where it landed and thundered down the landing to the stairs, my heart being eaten up with excitement and nervousness. Usually families will leave there children at home for the initial meet up but I asked to meet the kids. From experience of friends, the children of a couple can be a deal breaker.

“Hello, I’m Charlene Brown and this is my husband John, eldest daughter Mimi, my son Richard and my youngest daughter Miley.” The woman-obviously the mom- introduced herself. I had a rather good feeling about this for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s because the daughter- Mimi- appeared to be friendly, or if it was because of the smile plastered all over Mark’s face as he escorted us out to the family’s car.  

“So, how old are you?” Richard asked after a rather awkward slices with only the screams of little Miley’s voice for comfort.

“Eleven, well, nearly twelve.” I informed. And, well, after that it was all small talk. Me getting to know them, them getting to know me. Mimi was failing math but excelling in drama, Richard was a maths wiz but he struggled with reading and writing. Charlene was a performing arts major and work at the local college, whilst John was a computer technician. I also learnt that me and baby Miley shared a birthday.  

It was six by the time I got in and everyone could see how much fun I had, as I practically shoved Charlene into Mark as I raced around to book a meeting tomorrow with them onto the service database.

“Bye guys, I shall see you tomorrow.” I told them all after giving them all a hug and cooing a little more at Miley. 

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