An Orphaned Christmas

What would you do if you didn't have a family? Or if you spend your Christmas in A Children's Home with ten other kids. I do that every year. My name is Lucie. And my mission is to a have a family to spend Christmas with, if not get adopted by. In two weeks.


3. The Christmas Now

It was Christmas day 2015 and I had a red velvet party dress on, Miley was cooing and shouting “Mama, Mama!” loudly, Richard was eyeing the presents up, Mimi was texting on her phone, John was cooking and Charlene was trying to desperately shush Miley. These people were my family, my wish had come true. It was only in July when the family sat me down, I thought they were going to say that they couldn’t adopt me and they were sorry, but no. Charlene had sat me down to tell me that the paperwork had been filed. And that if I was willing to, I would be in their family by August. And now here I am, sitting in my living room on Christmas day with five people that are more of a family to me than my real family ever was. And what’s more, I no longer locked myself away in solitude as I had friends. Actual, real life friends, not fictional characters!

 Because of where The Browns live I managed to get into a private school, which Mimi goes to, despite her being a year older than me she and her friends invited me in with open arms because now I am no longer a loner. And even better than this, Mimi and I spend every Saturday without fail doing homework, reading and discussing books together. So in this weird and wacky deal I not only got a sister and a family, I got a best friend.

I looked over to Mimi and she nodded, pointing her head slightly to the left. I was curious to see what she was pointing to, so I slightly inclined my head that way. And I saw it, just a bit of it. You see, only my twelfth birthday I had spent the day with everyone and we’d come across a wishing well, and because of a tradition I had I closed my eyes and forgot that everyone was there and voiced my wish out loud. I had wished for a pet. A pet so I could give it a family, a family that I had always wished for. And now that I have the family I’ve always wished for, I suppose it was only fitting.

“Okay, okay, I can’t resist the temptation any longer! Can we open the presents?” Richard asked only after Miley had fell silent.

“Yes of course, here have a pancake. So, you see Lucie, we have a tradition in our house that the newest member gets to open a present first and it goes in that order. Usually it would be Miley, but since you’ve joined us I would be you. Charlene and I however, pride ourselves in our rapping techniques. Yet, I get the feeling that it us morally shamed upon to rap a puppy. So, here.” John said whilst guiding my hands towards a little white fluffy mount behind the tree.

Now our family is complete. I have all I have ever wished for a more. Christmas time is my favourite time of year.

I am the Christmas girl.

This family is my Christmas Miracle. 

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